New video shows Border Patrol agents in hospital room

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This video, showing an undocumented young girl being escorted around Driscoll Children’s Hospital by Border Patrol Agents is getting the attention of at least two Texas Congressmen.
The video appears to show agents standing outside of the hospital room of 10-year old Rosamaria Hernandez, who was at Driscoll for gall bladder surgery.
Representatives Henry Cuellar and Joaquin Castro want to know why the agents had access to Rosamaria’s hospital room.
Immigration agents typically have not arrested undocumented people in hospitals, churches and schools.
Rosamaria, who has been living in Laredo since she was three-months-old, was flagged by customs this week as she crossed a checkpoint while trying to get Driscoll Children’s Hospital for her surgery.
After that surgery, agents took her to a detention center in San Antonio, and it is unclear exactly when she’ll be released or whether she’ll be deported to Mexico.
Rosamaria’s mother, who remains in Laredo, tells us she’s been in contact with her daughter every day, and says relatives will visit her tomorrow.

ICE agents arrest man who left church after a year

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An immigrant who sought refuge from deportation in a North Carolina church for 11 months was detained at a scheduled appointment with immigration officials. The arrest of Samuel Oliver-Bruno prompted more than a dozen supporters to block a law enforcement van and wind up under arrest themselves.

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Abusive Border Patrol Agents w/ Nun Chucks at NM Checkpoint

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ICE Agents Staked Out Near Church Raise Concerns In Sacramento

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La Vida serves as a sanctuary for the Hispanic community. Federal immigration agents were caught staking out at the church during services.

Inside the 1993 shootout between federal agents, Branch Davidians: Part 4

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Former follower Clive Doyle said that on Feb. 28, 1993, “The minute David [Koresh] got shot, that is when people started retaliating.”