7 Days Adventure With God (2017) – FULL MOVIE

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Perhaps you have seen his many ‘selfie’ YouTube or Facebook videos or even the movie, ‘The Last Reformation: The Beginning’.

What you have not seen is what often happens behind the camera when Torben Søndergaard goes about this daily life.

‘7 Days Adventure with God’ is a powerful movie that gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of a seven day trip in Brazil.

Experience first hand how the Holy Spirit is leading and how God is changing people’s lives on the streets, in the homes and at the kickstart meetings.

This documentary is meant to challenge you to discover what it truly means to live out the life we read about in the book of Acts – a life that is so much more than just going to church. This life is an incredible adventure with God.











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Laughter, Love, & Adventure | An incredibly energetic wedding in the Texas Hill Country (Highlight)

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To fully grasp why a wedding film was so important to Jordan and James, we need to go back one year to their proposal.

In Rio De Janeiro.

During the World Cup.

Things are starting to get incredible aren’t they? Keep in mind that they had been dating for over three years, and Jordan knew a proposal was coming at some point. She had also made it clear to James that Rio was not an ideal location to be waving a huge diamond ring around and he better not propose while they were down there. Never one to lose the element of surprise though, James ignored that request. As the sun set in Rio, with all the crazed world cup fans, under the Christ The Redeemer Statue, James asked Jordan to marry him. He got on one knee, with tourists snapping pictures all around them, while she stared into his eyes.

At this point, they both blacked out (Mentally, not physically).

Seriously, they have photos but no memories of exactly what happened after that. Their brains were so excited that they forgot to make memories.

Fast forward to their wedding planning. They realized they wanted a way to remember their wedding, exactly as it happened. Every smile, look, touch and moment. I may be a little biased, but I believe a film is the best way to do that. Jordan and James must be biased too because they agreed with me.

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Illinois Adventure #1901 “Saline Creek Pioneer Village and Museum”

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The Saline Creek Pioneer Village & Museum is a place to “see and touch memories.” Located on the south side of Harrisburg, there is a sign on Hwy 13. The grounds were an original 175 acres when purchased in 1863 by the county for $1,402.50 to be used as a place for those who could not care for themselves. Over the years the Saline County Pauper Farm was sold with only 3 1/2 acres remaining today. It is now leased to the Saline County Historical Society and is on the National Register of Historical Places.

The Pioneer Village represents a pioneer settlement of the era 1800 to 1840. It contains a Blockhouse, a saddle bag cabin, a barn with a threshing floor (one of the few remaining in the United States), a post office, a school, a Quaker Church, a jail, and a regular cabin. The Ford-Wilson (pirates) cabin from Elizabethtown will be redone and open later this year. Using authentic cabins, of the era, the village was re-created by John Allen the noted author of the book “Legends and Lore of Southern Illinois.”

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Illinois Adventure #1202 “Heritage Canyon in Fulton”

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Illinois Adventure takes you to Heritage Canyon in Fulton. Heritage canyon is a 12 acre wooded nature walk located just up the bank from the mighty Mississippi river in Fulton Illinois. When you walk into the park you are transported back into the 1800’s as the path leads you past a log cabin settlement with its outbuildings and through a 52 foot covered bridge. Passing the old church as you head for the old mill water wheel and fish pond, you wonder how many weddings were performed there. A short walk up the hill and the brick sidewalk will take you past the Old Canyon House with its summer kitchen nestled close by its side. Then down the sidewalk past the Doctors House and suddenly you find yourself on the main street of a small town. There you will find the Blacksmith Shop, The Print Shop, The School House and other shops and businesses which could be found in most small towns of the 1800’s. The canyon has many other surprises and treasures to see as you take your time and enjoy its beauty.

Adventure Oregon – Round Lake Campground

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Adventure Oregon – Round Lake Campground
Round Lake in the Mt. Hood Wilderness (maybe in the Santiam National Forest) Round lake is a remote high mountain lake with several campsites. All gear needs to be backpacked in including water. A short hike brings you to Round lake with several campsites and a pit toilet. Off the beaten path fun location about 25 miles north of Detroit Oregon. Research and follow directions as if going to the Rho ridge trailhead, then turn left and drive down Forest Rd 150 until you come to the Round Lake Campground parking area. Park and hike uphill to lake and camping. Look at maps, know where you are going.
PS…I looked at maps, felt lost and somehow found this beautiful location.

East Texas ghost town adventure 6/14/11

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After striking out hunting arrowheads today we decided to take our adventure on the road. We stumbled across an abandoned store, an old church and a couple more interesting sites….including vintage Slim Jims and wedgie posters… We can always find something to get into!
Nigton, Goat Hill, Groveton

River Dance Lodge – Idaho Adventure Resort

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River Dance Lodge is located on the Clearwater River, near Kooskia, Idaho (3.5 from Spokane, WA and Coeur d’Alene, ID, 2 hours from Lewiston, Idaho, 4 hours from Boise, ID and 2.5 hours from Missoula, MT).

Learn more at:

There are eight luxurious log cabins with private hot tubs and Glamping (glamorous camping) tents with private claw foot bathtubs. Online booking available.

This unique adventure resort in the heart of Idaho’s scenic wilderness provides a perfect center for fun filled family vacations, as well a delightful venue for weddings, corporate retreats, and family reunions.

You can also enjoy a unique dining experience at the Lodge’s onsite restaurant, the Syringa Café, serving healthy Northwest and Mediterranean cuisine and featuring our famous homemade huckleberry pie.

Activities from the lodge include: whitewater rafting on the Lochsa River, biking, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, horseback riding, hiking and fishing.”

Georgia Adventure Travel

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Georgia Adventure Travel – With sublimely perched old churches, watchtowers and castles dotting its fantastic mountain scenery, Georgia has to be one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

From outrageously beautiful towns of Svaneti and Kazbegi in the Caucasus mountains to Batumi, a fun-loving semitropical town on the Black Sea coastline, Georgia abounds in natural variety. Tbilisi, the capital and by far the biggest city, has the atmosphere of an age-old Eurasian crossroads, yet it’s also a 21st-century city with European-style nightclubs and eye-catching new architecture. Georgia’s deeply complicated history has given it a fascinating cocktail of influences from Turkey, Russia, Persia, Central Asia and beyond, with a wonderful heritage of architecture and art. But today Georgia looks to Europe for its future and is the most Western in atmosphere of the three Caucasus countries.

Perhaps its greatest treasure is the Georgians themselves: warm, proud, high-spirited, cultured, obsessively hospitable and expert at enjoying life. This is a country where guests are considered a blessing. The abundant local wine flows freely, tables are laden with fine food and you’ll never cease to be delighted by the warmth of your welcome.

Enjoy your Georgia Adventure Travel!

Vault 1080 and the Church of the Valley – A Fallout 4 Adventure Mod

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