ABANDONED TENNESSEE MANSION! Owned by a corrupt politicion/Banker!

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Abandoned Theme Park / Fort King – Silver Springs Florida

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On this Aimless Adventure we kayak to the abandoned theme park town of Fort King and checkout the remains of its River Cruise inside Silver Springs State Park Florida.

This vid contains the abandoned footage from my full length Silver Springs vid.

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An Abandoned Home in Lancaster, California.

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Urban Exploration: Abandoned Church Indiana

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Hello friends! This video features the exploration of an abandoned Methodist church located in Indiana. The date inscribed on the structure is 1927 which is when it became a church, but the 3,256 square foot building itself was constructed in 1898 when it was used as a one-room school house beforehand. The church has been abandoned as such since 1959 due to lack of religious support. The property was purchased by a man who lives in Texas in 2009. My sources show that he acquired the property in exchange for assuming tax liabilities. I am assuming that was so he could make money from the State should they decide to purchase the land from him in order to add an interchange at that overpass where the church sits — an investment. Either that, or for sentimental reasons as he was from the area long before he moved to Texas. These ideas are just conjecture on my part going by the information I was able to find. Nevertheless, it’s been left to rot and doesn’t appear to be able to be restored due to its poor location sitting on only one acre of land too close to the freeway. Thanks for watching! 🙂

Abandoned School and Church in Corpus Christi (urbex)

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Scary Abandoned Church and school explored. See what is inside as I walk through the sometimes dark building.
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Abandoned Cathedral In Philadelphia

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A look inside an abandoned church in Philadelphia, PA. Filmed with GoPro

Abandoned Places in Ohio – Abandoned Church – Urbex

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Thank you for joining me on this exploration of a few abandoned places left behind in a declining neighborhood in East Cleveland Ohio. The main urban exploration takes place at an Abandoned Rehoboth Temple. I know very little about the Rehoboth Temple. Me and my friend couldn’t find anything on the history of this abandoned church. So any information on this place would be greatly appreciated. Also there was living quarters inside that had a sign with the name Hollenden House. This I find weird because the Hollenden House was a luxury hotel in Cleveland that was demolished in 1962. Why would this sign be inside this abandoned church? Any input on this would be awesome. I found some other cool items such as Hammond organs, and a C. Kurtzmann antique piano. I really enjoyed this explore and I hope you did also. Please feel free to share any information about this abandoned place. I really want to know what happened to this church.


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