The Dirt Fishermen – The Zoo – Boise, Idaho early 90’s

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The Dirt Fishermen, opening for The Warlock Pinchers at the Zoo in the early 90s. We checked out a camera from BSU and shot this footage. Unfortunately the camera operator (I don’t remember who) never shot a complete song. I remember being irritated about that at the time, and it still bugs me. So, it is what it is. A snapshot of Boise in the early 90s.

Classic ’80s and ’90s Commercials Vol. 92

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A little over 19 minutes worth of classic ’80s and ’90s television commercials featuring Church’s Fried Chicken, K-tel, Ford, Hanes, and Diet Pepsi.
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MSNBC’s coverage of the Funeral and burial of Sonny Bono (January 9, 1998)

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Following a ski accident just four days ago when rock and roll legend Sonny Bono smashed into a tree at the Heavenly Ski Resort on South Lake Tahoe, MSNBC brings to you the sorrowful coverage of his last rites. This features the full funeral mass at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Palm Springs, including eulogies by Cher, California Governor Pete Wilson, House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and political mentor Bruce Herschensohn. Plus, the burial at Desert Memorial Park, additional statements, public opinion and reactions.

The ATF Raid the Branch Davidians | National Geographic

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When David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were raided by the ATF, they were prepared to fight back with automatic weapons.
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The ATF Raid the Branch Davidians | National Geographic

National Geographic

Churches at night – California mission – White Churches – 1990’s – Master 6027 – Best Shot Footage

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grainy church at night, California mission style; white church, Catholic mission style; generic style church, white round stained window at front, well lit.

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