Fall in Philadelphia (4k)

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– This video features some breath-taking shots of the city that I managed to capture just as the leaves were in the midst of changing colors for the autumn in Philadelphia. Bound together by the presence of these leaves, the camera shows the contrast between the familiar historic landmarks and majestic skyscrapers along with the quieter side streets and simple scenes of everyday life.

Beginning with a few scattered autumn leaves on the ground, we take a journey through the amazing color-filled mosaic of the city in fall. Center City, Old City, Rittenhouse and Society Hill all make an appearance in this video. In just a few minutes, the video gives a vivid, seasonal look at the fall foliage taking over Philly, while also taking the viewer on a little travelogue through some of my favorite parts of the city.

The camera captured the stunning reds, oranges, and yellows of the autumn leaves, which are what make this footage pop. Meanwhile, joggers, bicyclists, flocks of birds and reflections in the Schuylkill River make cameos as well.

The result is a quietly stunning and meditative look at the city of Philadelphia, rendered in eye-popping color. Bicycles, sidewalks, and stone churches are seen draped in the colors of the leaves while students relax on the lawns of the public parks enjoying the last warm days of the year.

Even if you’ve never visited Philadelphia, I think you’ll find the sight of autumn leaves simultaneously beautiful, comforting, and inspiring.

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Locations in this video:
University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)
Locust Walk
Society Hill
Philadelphia City Hall
Rittenhouse Square ParkMarket Street
Liberty One
Liberty Two
Mütter Museum – College of Physicians
Pine Street
Juniper Street
Love Statue (UPenn)
Schuylkill River Boardwalk
South Street Bridge
FMC Tower
University City
South Philadelphia
Comcast Center
Walnut Street
Broad Street

Chaing Mai Anusarn Night Market in 2018 – 4K 60FPS HDR

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Anusarn Night Market is one of night markets in Chaing mai Thailand. I went to most of night markets and this is the best one.



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Walking London’s Lost Rivers – The Tyburn (4K)

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A walk along the course of one of the lost Rivers of London – The Tyburn. This buried river flows from Hampstead through Swiss Cottage and Regent’s Park, along Marylebone Lane, through Mayfair and Green Park beneath Buckingham Palace where it splits into channels and we follow it as it joins the Tachbrook to make its confluence with the Thames near Vauxhall Bridge.

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Interview with Rainbow George

Google map of the route of the walk along the Tyburn (with a few errors where there are extra lines)

Shot in 4K on a Panasonic GX80 (affiliate link)

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See it Everywhere – Beautiful Ultra HD 4K Footage Compilation by Tel Stewart

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Thank you for watching. This is a compilation of my favorite shots I have taken over the past six months. These were little moments that I was able to capture in between my crazy professional production schedule. These clips, to me, make me feel alive and excited to go out and create another video like this. If you like these videos you can support me by sharing this video with the world.

This video is special to me in a lot of ways. The music was written specifically for the video and I feel like it pushes the emotions over the top. A big shout out to the composer Ricky Valadez.

My goal is to make one beautiful compilation video a month, fore focused on one specific theme per video. This is the first video in, I hope, a long series. Uploads are going to be slow at first but in the future there will be a regular upload schedule so look forward to those.

Again thank you for your support. If you have any questions please post them in the comments and I will try to answer you the best I can.

All footage was shot in Ultra HD 5K on the Red Epic and uploaded to YouTube in Ultra HD 4K.

Anchorage, Alaska
St. George, Utah
Coos Bay, Oregon
Kauai, Hawaii

Location Breakdown:
00:00 – Anchorage, Alaska
00:06 – Anchorage, Alaska
00:10 – Coos Bay, Oregon
00:14 – Coos Bay, Oregon
00:19 – Cougar Cliffs, Southern Utah
00:28 – Cougar Cliffs, Southern Utah
00:35 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:37 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:39 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:41 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:44 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:46 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:48 – Waimea Pier – Kauai, Hawaii
00:50 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:51 – Waimea Pier – Kauai, Hawaii
00:54 – Kauai, Hawaii
00:58 – Waimea Pier – Kauai, Hawaii
01:03 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:07 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:12 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:21 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:27 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:29 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:32 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:34 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:38 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:38 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:42 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:47 – Anchorage, Alaska
01:49 – Coos Bay, Oregon
01:51 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:55 – Kauai, Hawaii
01:58 – Anchorage, Alaska
02:00 – Kauai, Hawaii
02:04 – Coos Bay, Oregon
02:07 – Kauai, Hawaii
02:08 – Anchorage, Alaska
02:11 – Anchorage, Alaska
02:13 – Alaska
02:17 – Coos Bay, Oregon

Red Epic – Live action and slow motion
Canon 5D Mark III – Timelapses

Canon 24-70 f2.8
Canon 16-35 f2.8
Canon 70-200 f2.8

See it Everywhere – Beautiful 4K Stock Footage by Tel Stewart

Virgin Falls | Girdwood, Alaska | 4K

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Virgin Falls.

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(4K) Polish Easter at St Paul’s Catholic Church, St Petersburg, Florida

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Swieconka – ‘the blessing of the Easter basket’ is one of the most enduring and beloved Polish traditions on Holy Saturday. The food in the baskets have a symbolic meaning: eggs- symbolise life and Christ’s resurrection, bread – symbol of Jesus, Lam – represents Christ, salt – represents purification, horseradish – symbolic of bitter sacrifice of Christ, ham – symbolic of great joy and abundance
ref: Wikipedia

First Corinthian Baptist Church, New York – 4K UHD – Virtual Trip

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The First Corinthian Baptist Church in New York, one of the main Gospel Church in Manhattan. We went there, and were really disappointed !! this is not Gospel for us, but a live concert. If you go to New York, look for another gospel church !!

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SEWARD ALASKA [4k] Glacier Kayaking – Kenai Fjords National Park

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Seward lies in the Kenai peninsula and should definitely be a stop on your Alaskan Road Trip. Even the drive here from the airport is listed as one of the most beautiful in the country.

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Today we venture to Seward – with 2 more people in tow. On our way back from Valdez we swung through Anchorage to pick up my parents while waiting at the coolest Airport Cell Phone Pick up lot we’ve ever seen.

For $40 you can park oceanside with water and electric and even dry camp on a budget with cruise ships out your front window for $20

The main reason we’re here is my number one Alaska bucket list item: kayak to a glacier. We’re heading out on a ferry to a remote island inside the Kenai Fjords National Park where our wilderness guides keep their kayaks. Already, just on the ferry ride we were visited by sea otters, harbor seals, bald eagles, puffins and were surrounded by ice, glaciers AND lush temperate rainforests. Yes, rainforest, in Alaska.

How do we know all this? This is our Wilderness Guide Norris. We booked a full day trip with Kayak Adventures Worldwide and, while we were sharing the ferry with other groups, it was just Norris and the four of us that were going to be off exploring the glacier. You know how sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw? Well, we were quite “lucky” with Norris. He was immediately on board for our shenanigans, so we just handed over the camera and said – ok – you’re in charge of YouTube today 😊

Yes, it cold; it was wet; but it was one of the most incredible places we have ever been. It was time to paddle back to “kayak island” to be picked up by the ferry, and, with some time to kill, we decided to interview a WILDERNESS EXPERT on how to stay “bear aware” in the park.

Wet, tired, hungry and cold we laughed on the way back and we applauded Tim’s parents who hadn’t hardly been with us for 24 hours before we threw them into one of the most challenging days of the trip.

This video is not in any way sponsored by kayak adventure worldwide nor did we receive this trip for free. This was a serendipitous day with a great guide and company. At the end of our trip each participant selects a eco friendly non profit to donate to. Out of all of the guided adventures and tour companies we taken throughout our travels, this by far was the best experience and we hope you give them a look if you are visiting Alaska.

Stay tuned for Thursday where we show the stark difference of what happens when you DON’T get a assigned a great guide as we go Halibut fishing out of Homer with someone who would rather be Moose hunting.

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Interview With Switchfoot @ Big Church Day Out 2017 in 4K

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TBNUK interviews Jon Foreman & Jerome Fontamillas, from Switchfoot, at the Big Church Day Out 2017.

Hosted By: Lavinia Goddard & Adaeze Chiwoko

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