Driving Into Clarksville

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This all-new production features recent digital video shot entirely with a Jazz DVZ 100 Digital Video Camera.

This was recorded on Thursday, September 2, 2010 while visiting family and friends in Tennessee:

Traveling from White House, Tennessee on my way to visit friends in Clarksville, I leave I-24 at Exit 11 in Montgomery County. I had previously prepared by placing the cam-corder up on the dash of my car to shoot through the windshield as I drive.

In this video, I capture the mid-day drive in Clarksville traveling towards downtown as seen from the driver’s point of view. You’ll travel along as I pull out on Madison Street and travel to Crossland Avenue, turning onto Talley Drive and finally onto Clark Street and to the home of my waiting friends.

The time-lapse effect was accomplished by recording in normal speed and then speeding the film to approximately 4 times the normal speed.

The original music is performed by Kevin MacLeod and it is provided royalty free from

The raw video was edited with Vegas 8. The credits were created with Windows Movie Maker.

Thank you for viewing.

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St. Vincent de Paul candlelit Midnight Mass 2010

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Excerpts of Processional, Gloria, Consecration and Recessional from Traditional Latin Midnight Mass at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Kansas City, MO.
Over 1000 candles burn in honor of the birth of the Light of the World.

The Emmanuel Baptist Church-Men’s Festival 2010

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The Men of Emmanuel Baptist Church are hosting a musical extravganza, on Sunday July 25th at 5pm at Emmanuel, located at 467 N. White rd. San Jose, Ca., 95127. Special Guest choirs will be; The Cathedral Of Faith, the Cosmopolitan Baptist Church, the University A.M.E Zion Choirs all from the greater Bay Area. This event will be a toe-tapper for sure. www.emmanuelbc.org

A scene from the Van Buren, Maine, United States, “flood” of July 9, 2010

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Joseph Normand Grinnell takes a brief shot of the Van Buren, Maine, United States, “flood” of July 9, 2010. Grinnell did not take more shots, since he wanted to get home to Lille to see if his house and roof tiles were still there.