The Ellsworth Outrage, 1854: Or How 19th Century Jesuits Built a Global Catholicism

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How did modern Catholicism become global? The talk uses a violent attack on a Swiss Jesuit in a Maine small town to tell a story about globalization in the world’s largest, most multicultural and multilingual institution.

John T. McGreevy, I.A. O’Shaughnessy Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, Professor of History

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September 19th 2018 Digging Deep Service – Jesus House Huntsville, Alabama.

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Pastor Peter Oyediran welcomes you to Jesus House Huntsville, Alabama. This is a place to grow, belong and become what you are ordained to be. This service is for September 16th Digging Deep Service at our main auditorium in Huntsville.

We know that as you watch, listen, and worship with us, you will be blessed in Jesus name. Somebody shout Alleluia!

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Church Address: 4096 Blue Springs Rd, Huntsville, AL.
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Revival Temple 26 Pastor Appreciation (Saturday February 19th 2011)

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Revival Temple’s Internet Ministries Presents:
Revival Temple’s 26 Pastor Appreciation
Friday February 18th 2011

Honoring Our Chief Shepherd: Elder B. E. McCurdy

Theme: “God rescued us from dead end alleys and dark dungeons.
He set us up in the kingdom of the Son He loves so much. Colossians 1:13”

M.C. : Deacon Rodney Chaney

Word of God From: Pastor Slack (Full Gospel Temple)


Center of Hope: District Missionary Nickerson
Full Gospel Temple: Pastor Slack
True Word: Pastor Arnold
High Praise C.O.G.I.C.: Pastor Hollingsworth

Revival Temple
1601 North Tonopah Drive
Las vegas, Nevada 89106
B.E. McCurdy Pastor

10:am Sunday School
11:30 am Morning Worship
7:pm Young People Willing Workers Bible Study
8:00 pm Eveing Worship

7:30pm Bible Study & Youth Activities

7:30pm Home & Foreign Mission Bible study
Youth Service & Activities followed by exhortation from our Pastor

We have Prayer Services Monday – Saturday at 6:am

Pastor Lao Vang July 19th, 2015

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Serman by Pastor Lao Vang of Lao Evangelical Free Church, Rockford, Illinois, Sunday July 19th, 2015 at Lao Ministry, Bethany Evangelical Free Church, 301 Riverside Drive, Madison, WI 53704.

ຄຳເທສນານອງອາຈານ ລາວ ວາງ ຈາກຄຣິສຕະຈັກລາວຂ່າວປະເສີດ ເມືອງຣັອກຝອດ ຣັຖອິລິນອຍສ໌ ວັນອາທິດ ທີ 19 ກໍຣະກະດາ 2015 ທີ່ຄຣິສຕະຈັກລາວ ເມືອງເມດິສັນ ຣັຖວິສຄອນຊິນ.

Alone in St. Anne Church, Detroit, MI.

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Here’s the interior of St. Anne’s Church, Detroit, MI.

19th Annual Women’s Christmas Tea @ Desert Vineyard Christian Church in Lancaster Ca 2011

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My friend Rhoda volunteered to go up on stage and sing the song “Oh bring it on the Mountain” with the kids! Lancaster, California