Memories of SDA Church Laredo, Texas & In Memory of Yorik Ponce, October 1981

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This video is dedicated with all respect to the Ponce/Borja Family. This video will show Yorik at 4 years old in the wedding of his Aunt Borja in one hot October day in 1981. This video will also show former members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church whom have also passed away such as my grandfather Ramon Cruz. It is hard to relive the memores of our past love ones, but they have gone with the lord, they now live another life in heaven, I do not believe they are dead, but alive, they have just gone to the second part of life is what I would say. This soundless footage has been in storage in my fathers video archives for 30 years til I found this footage not too long ago, it is why I would like to share it with the Ponce/Borja Family & everyone who wishes take part in watching this 5 minute video. God Bless Yorik, may he rest in peace & God Bless the Ponce/Borja Family. Thank You. With all respect, R.C. from Laredo, Texas.