Dr. Maureen Anderson

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Maureen Anderson has been teaching the Word of God since 1976 and is in full-time ministry along with her husband, Dr. C. Thomas Anderson. Together they founded and are currently the Senior Pastors of The Living Word Bible Church located in Mesa, Arizona and are considered one of the fastest growing churches in the nation.

In the midst of a thriving church of over eight thousand members, Maureen has birthed the Women of Destiny Ministries at Living Word which is counted as one the largest on the West Coast. She is the Founder of Mom’s of Destiny, Daughters of Destiny and God’s Girls ministries who are reaching all generations starting at the young age of thirteen. Her heart is that, “Every woman would fulfill her destiny and that not one woman would be left behind”.

Maureen Anderson is among the most exciting and respected women in ministry. Her television programs are broadcast around the world and can be seen on TBN, TCC, Daystar, and UPN. She travels speaking at conferences and churches while sharing the stage with Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Jesse Duplantis, Marilyn Hickey and many more.

Crystal Bowl Meditation Celebration

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Unity of East Louisville – Louisville Church – Crystal Bowl Meditation Easter Service March 1, 2018, by Rebecca and Mickey Geracitano

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Freedom Church Worship – West Little Rock, Arkansas 2-3-2013

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Our Worship Team 2-3-2013

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Come visit us and be part of our family @ 27020 Kanis Rd Little Rock, Arkansas

Our mission is simple…help others become Free to Live. There is freedom in Christ, and in Christ alone, for every human being. We feel it is our obligation and privilege to share that good news with everyone we encounter.
Our values are just as simple…Love God and love others. Love for God will cause us to seek Him and grow in relationship with Him. Love for others allows us to live out God’s purpose and gives us freedom to embrace our individual purpose as well.

ThinkFWD – Efrem Smith – Can the Church Become Post-Racial

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Pastor Efrem Smith and Spencer Burke take a break at the National Pastor’s Convention in San Diego, California, to talk about the dream of a Church that transcends the lines of race, ethnicity and theological divides. Although he grew up going to an all-black church, Efrem remembers attending an event when he was 17 where there were multiple races and ethnicities gathered together and he thought, “This is the way church is supposed to be.” Today he pastors a church that is multi-racial-a body of Whites, African Americans, Asians, Latinos-and he challenges listeners to decide, “Should church be different? Should we rethink our vision of church as Black/White/Charismatic/mainline/etc.?” (MORE INFO – SUBSCRIBE – FOLLOW – JOIN )

Efrem and Spencer discuss how it was important for immigrants and first generations to have churches that were single ethnicities or theologies. They were safe places, places to assimilate and strengthen their community. But after second and third generations-perhaps this generation-people have moved beyond color or denominational barriers. Perhaps the church should be dreaming and casting a vision toward a broader multi-ethnic Church. (In fact, the Church has not moved as fast as the nation and is one of the institutions that tends to remain segregated-Black pastor, Black congregation; White pastor, White congregation). Efrem’s question for his and other churches is this: Can we build a church that looks like heaven? He says, “Let’s raise up a new generation in Church that can be a prophetic voice to the nation.” The next revival will not just be about people coming to Christ, but about renewing the relevancy of Church. We need a holistic revival that is not just about “do you accept Jesus” but “will you give the Church another chance?”

Individual Questions
1. How have your thoughts changed about race since Barack Obama became president?
2. Do you think you are post-racial in politics, entertainment, music, sports, or church?
3. What are you still “fighting for” in church? Liberal/conservative or old/new?

Small Group or Staff Questions
1. How have we kept any particular group out of our Church or made them use “the other door?” (Women, children, racial groups, lifestyle groups?)
2. What would a post-racial (or post-theological, denominational, etc.) church look like?
3. How can we celebrate next generation/post-generation expressions of faith in our church?

Why the Savannah Cathedral is So Rare in the South

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Monsignor William O’Neill offers his personal insights on why Savannah’s Cathedral of St. John the Baptist is so rare in the South.

“I grew up in Ireland, and I’ve seen beautiful churches all over Europe. But I think this is one of the most beautiful of all of them. Especially when you consider the fact that the number of Catholics in this part of the U.S. is so small. It’s a marvelous testimony to those who built such a beautiful edifice back in 1874…”

San Jose Diocese Says Gay Is Ok

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CHURCH PLANTING STORY Vision360 Church Plant in Urban Orlando, FL Dexter’s Story

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CHURCH PLANTING STORY Vision360 Church Plant in Urban Orlando, FL Dexter’s Story