Grand Isle Kitchen Party Sept 2017

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Kitchen Parties were once very common in rural communities. A Kitchen Party is a group of local musicians, singers, and storytellers that get together in private homes and entertain neighbors. In the St. John Valley, located in Northern Maine, Kitchen Parties have become common. This Kitchen Party was done in Grand Isle, Maine.

Trump Meets With Mormon Leaders – Full Comments

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While visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, President Donald Trump meets with leaders of the Mormon church, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Recreate Church – San Jose

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Recreate Church ( is a culturally diverse church that began in 2011. Our Sunday gatherings are a safe place for people to explore faith. At Recreate, you can be yourself, make a difference, and be part of a caring community. We are located in San Jose, CA in Silicon Valley.

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Pastor Patrick Boyle: New Church in Orlando, Florida!

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