Matt Baird leads worship at First Family Church. Corpus Christi TX

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Matt Baird of Spoken leads worship at FFC night of worship Oct. 9th 2013

First Baptist Church of Philadelphia, PA & Pastor Morgan Edwards

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Historic church in Philadelphia started in 1698 out of the Pennepack Baptist Church. Inside, you’ll find markers of pastors like Abel Morgan, Morgan Edwards (also instrumental in the founding of Brown University), and the church’s first pastor, Jenkin Jones.

First Baptist Church – 123 S. 17th Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

Footage from 2007 Baptist History Tour.

Monks singing Gregorian Chant in a Catholic Benedictine Seminary

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The Catholic Church is majestic not just in the arts but also in music as well, no other churches especially outside the Catholic Church [escept the Orthodox] can have this kind of solemn praise to God without copying the concept of the chants sang inside our churches, how wonderful it is to be a Catholic.

March 3, 2018 Port Arthur, Texas – On March 3rd, a walking pilgrim procession

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March 3, 2018 Port Arthur, Texas –
On March 3rd, a walking pilgrim procession began with mass at Our Lady of Guadelupe Catholic Church in Port Arthur, Texas. The walk included young and old, babies in strollers and people with canes. The people sang and prayed. They prayed the rosary and at one of the stops, St James Catholic Church they prayed the way of the Cross. They also stopped at a cemetary and prayed for the dead. At St Catherine’s Catholic Church, the Knights of Columbia from Bridge City fed the hungry walkers a Fantastic Fish Dinner. The Procession qconcluded the approximately 10 mile walk with prayers at Our Lady Queen of Peace Shrine also in Port Arthur.
Created by Paul Rice. [email protected] VideoShow:

Erik & Yesenia Bakke Bringing Hope to North Las Vegas- ABC Channel 13 News Spot

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Erik and Yesenia Bakke pastor at The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church at 4444 West Craig Rd in North Las Vegas, NV. This video came about after a member of his congregation wrote a letter to ABC News Channel 13 about how much her life has changed because of Erik and Yesenia, and more importantly because of Jesus Christ.