INI Realty Investments Inc presents 8084 Normandy Blvd Vacant Church for sale

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Vacant church building for sale at 8084 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32221 brought to you by INI Realty Investments, Inc., the first 100% Commission Real Estate Office in Jacksonville, FL.

Living the word Ministry Church Skyview YMCA North Las Vegas Nevada 9/24/17 #3

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Pastor James M Bailey – temporary Joy does not last. We must be ready for Christ’s return. Jesus came to Earth as a baby live life on Earth as a man. John the Baptist came to prepare the way before Christ Ministry. As John the Baptist prepare the way for Christ’s return we also must prepare our lives before Christ soon return to Earth we need to get into the word of God and learn how to live right and prepare our lives before Jesus soon return..

Inverness Vineyard Church in Birmingham, AL

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Inverness Vineyard Church is situated in Birmingham, Alabama. Our mission is to Seek, to save, and to transform lives through Christ in our City and the World. We are passionate lovers of God, relentless pursuers of those far from God, compassionate transformers of lives, and committed to relationships celebrating our differences.
Contact us at 205-980-1690 or visit our website at

Sermon from the Best Baptist Church in Huntsville, AL Unsung Heros

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–Check Us Out!

Clip from the sermon “Unsung Heros” from the Best Baptist Church in Huntsville, AL.

If you Love Jesus Christ, please subscribe to the channel as that we now have many more sermon clips to continually post! –Because it helps us do our part of edifying the church and reaching the lost! –Thanks.

If you are looking for a KJV, Bible BELIEVING Church which Rightfully Divides the Word of God…this might be the right church for you….might! I only say MIGHT because we are active in

Nursing Home Ministry
Jail Ministry
Street Preaching
Good Christian Fellowship
Standards different from the World
Personal Holiness away from the standards of the world.

If you fall into that category…and live near Huntsville, AL…
drop by for a visit!!

God Bless.



Divine Mercy Catholic Church, Aurora, Colorado

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Come worship with us as we give Glory to God

Sunday Mass is at 11:00 AM

You will experience;

Friendly People
Great Modern Music
A joyful spirit and attitude
And reverence to God
All Baptized Welcome to Communion