Saint Marys Pa Airport Drags 6/17/18

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Lots of fun at the saint marys airport drag races. All kinds of vehicles from stock cars to custom built race cars.

Marana police run over man in Arizona Ludacris Move REMIX

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36-year-old Mario Valencia run over by cop car.

At 6:45 a.m., Valencia robbed a 7-Eleven in Tucson with a metal object in his hand. Authorities said he was dressed only in his underwear.

He was charged with theft.

A little more than an hour later, police said, Valencia set a fire at a church for which he was charged with arson of an occupied structure.

Just after that he entered a home and stole a car, police said.

Authorities said he drove to a Walmart where he stole a .30-30 rifle and ammunition. He fled the store with Walmart employees in pursuit.

Justice served???? #OCCUPYPOLICE

music by Ludacris – Move Bitch

Denton Transition Anniversary

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The Village Church exists to bring glory to God by making disciples through gospel-centered worship, gospel-centered community, gospel-centered service and gospel-centered multiplication.

Upper Room Ministries, Port St. Lucie, Florida. Sunday, July 9, 2017, 7:00 PM Service

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A MorningStar Fellowship Church. Larry & Donna Julian (Pastors)

Join us on Sunday mornings at 11 A.M. for an intimate encounter with the Lord, and Sunday evenings at 7 P.M. for a Worship and Holy Ghost Sunday night service. Let us witness together the powerful and anointed moves of the Lord!

Our Sunday Services are held at:
First Congregational Church of Port St Lucie
2401 S. E. Sidonia Street
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952
Located at the S.E. Corner of Sidonia and Port St Lucie Blvd.

Visit our website:

Join us on Facebook: Upper Room Ministries (2401 SE Sidonia St, Port St. Lucie)

Telephone: 772-878-7086

Churches In Raleigh North Carolina – (919) 208-6598 -The Potter’s House Church

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Looking for a church in Raleigh call or check out info below…

Seth Norcross (Pastor)
Call: (919) 208-6598
2821 Spring Forest Rd.
Raleigh, NC

Here at The Potters House Church in Jacksonville Raleigh NC we take seriously Christ’s commission to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Therefore, our mission as a fellowship church has always been to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission through discipleship, church planting, and world evangelism. It was Christ Himself who commanded His followers to “make disciples of all the nations,” and obedience to this command by our founding Pastor Wayman Mitchell has been imparted as our fellowship’s vision.

With this focus, we are constantly striving to reach unsaved and unchurched people here in Raleigh, North Carolina with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to spread the good news of God’s love and saving grace in our city and throughout the world. Whether we use Christian bands, movies, dramas, street preaching, or door-to-door evangelism, our focus and mission is to help lead people into their own personal relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ.

Why The Church Was Planted In Raleigh NC

In 1970 Wayman Mitchell went to the small town of Prescott, Arizona. From here, a spiritual fire was launched that is spanning the globe. In a few short years, hundreds of churches have been planted: and crusades and conferences; are touching tens of thousands every year. God has given us a vision for the day we live in. In that is where Pastor Seth Norcross (who’s mother church is in Jacksonville NC) was planted here in Raleigh North Carolina to be used by God to build a church.

Our message is simple, yet it is the cornerstone of all truth. Jesus Christ is the only hope for man’s salvation. In a world full of empty dreams and false promises is a truth that grows stronger every year, and that is Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

The Potters House Church in Raleigh

Skylark AV – Lake Hills Church – Austin, Texas

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We love to work with our friends, especially when we know the project will bring about a long awaited transformation. For our friends at Lake Hills Church just outside of Austin, TX we were thrilled to bring a 7 year vision to reality. The project was a full AVL overhaul including a complete aesthetic change with few remnants of the building’s original interior left untouched.

Read more about this project –

TACO BELL for the HOMELESS – Anchorage Alaska

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Handing out bean burritos at Beans Café in Anchorage, Alaska, before making a quick run up False O’Malley. If you ever need to purchase 65 of anything i recommend purchasing burrito’s and i recommend purchasing them from Taco Bell. It’s tasty, cheap and they get it made fast!

Starling Birch