New Beginnings Church, Orlando, FL 3.16.14

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JMC covering The Church – The Great Cover Up 2017 – Tucson, Arizona

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Jeremy Michael Cashman – Electric guitar and vocals
Cassie Van Gelder – keyboard
Chris Callahan – Electric guitar
Craig Wagner – Bass guitar
Jim Howell – Drums

2017 Annual Conference: Friday Afternoon Service – Pastor Tony Spell, Baton Rouge, LA

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Praise, worship and powerful message: “A Record Breaking God!”

“What To Do When Life Causes You To Lose Your Mind” – September 22nd, 2018 – Pastor Java Mattison

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Welcome to Riverside Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Nashville, TN. We hope you enjoy the worship experience!

Pastor puts his boots on

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Pastor Joel Buxton of Apostolic Revival Center of Carson City stomps the devil!!!!

Our mission is to develop, protect, nourish, and transform and launch all people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Experience Bible salvation according to Acts 2:38, the power of the Holy Ghost.

Churches in Carson City and Fallon, Nevada, works in South Reno, Lake Tahoe, Washoe Nation of Gardnerville, and Fernley. Call 775-882-2238 or visit us at 220 Winnie Lane, Carson City; 5081 Reno Hwy, Fallon.

First A.M.E. Church Athens, GA

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This is a revised history of First A.M.E. Church at Athens, Georgia.. It includes newly discovered parallel events of the Methodist Episcopal Church – South and the A.M.E. Church in Athens during 1865 – 67 through 2014..(rev. 01.30.15)