Maren Morris Performs ‘My Church’ Live on ‘GMA’

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Maren Morris Performs ‘My Church’ Live on ‘GMA’

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First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia

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First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia was designed by Frank Furness, son of the first minister. It features hammer-beam ceiling painted red rust, blue walls, and stained glass windows by John La Farge and Louis Tiffany & Co. Video points out some changes made to the original design. The first Tiffany stained glass window in Philadelphia was installed here.

Catholic Church and slavery | Wikipedia audio article

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This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article:
Catholic Church and slavery

00:04:56 1 Catholic teaching
00:05:43 1.1 Development
00:06:20 1.2 Definitions
00:10:23 1.3 Slavery in the New Testament
00:13:15 1.4 Early Christianity
00:16:50 1.5 Augustine
00:17:51 1.6 Pope Gregory I
00:19:17 1.7 Thomas Aquinas
00:21:48 2 Early Christianity
00:25:36 3 Medieval period
00:31:05 4 Helping and freeing slaves
00:34:24 4.1 Wars against Muslims
00:35:47 4.2 Slavery incorporated into canon law
00:37:22 5 Revival of slavery in the Early Modern Period
00:38:45 5.1 Before Columbus
00:45:14 5.2 Spanish New World
00:49:42 5.3 Requerimiento
00:51:04 6 16th century
00:51:14 6.1 Slavery in Europe
00:53:07 6.2 Sublimis Deus
00:57:29 7 17th century
00:58:21 8 18th century
00:58:55 9 The movement towards abolition of slavery
01:02:00 9.1 iIn supremo apostolatus/i
01:04:36 9.2 Pope Leo XIII
01:06:16 9.3 United States
01:11:59 9.4 Concerning Ethiopians
01:13:53 9.5 Brazil
01:14:37 10 20th century and 21st century
01:17:14 11 Did Church teaching on slavery change?
01:24:53 12 See also

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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
– Socrates

The issue of slavery was one that was historically treated with concern by the Catholic Church. Throughout most of human history, slavery has been practiced and accepted by many cultures and religions around the world. Certain passages in the Old Testament sanctioned forms of slavery. The New Testament taught slaves to obey their masters, but this was not an endorsement of slavery, but an appeal to Christian slaves to honor their masters and accept their suffering for Christ’s sake, in imitation of him. In proclaiming baptism for all, the Church recognized that all men were fundamentally equal. After the legalisation of Christianity under the Roman Empire, there was a growing sentiment that many kinds of slavery were not compatible with Christian conceptions of charity and justice; some argued against all forms of slavery while others, including the influential Thomas Aquinas, argued the case for penal slavery subject to certain restrictions. The Christian west did succeed in almost entirely enforcing that a free Christian could not be enslaved, for example when a captive in war, but this itself was subject to continual improvement and was not consistently applied throughout history. The Middle Ages also witnessed the emergence of orders of monks such as the Mercedarians who were founded for the purpose of ransoming Christian slaves. By the end of the Medieval period, enslavement of Christians had been largely abolished throughout Europe although enslavement of non-Christians remained permissible, and had seen a revival in Spain and Portugal.
Although some Catholic clergy, religious orders and Popes owned slaves, and the naval galleys of the Papal States were to use captured Muslim galley slaves, Roman Catholic teaching began to turn more strongly against “unjust” forms of slavery in general, beginning in 1435, prohibiting the enslavement of the recently baptised, culminating in condemnation of the enslavement of indigenous peoples by Pope Paul III in 1537. However, when the Age of Discovery greatly increased the number of slaves owned by Christians, the response of the clergy, under strong political pressures, was confused and ineffective in preventing the establishment of slave societies in the colonies of Catholic countries. Earlier Papal bulls such as Pope Nicholas V’s 1452 Dum Diversas, or Romanus Pontifex from 1454, permitting the “perpetual servitude” of saracens and pagans in Africa, were used to justify enslavement of natives and the appropriation of their lands during this era.The depopulation of the Americas, and consequently the shortage of slaves, that came about through diseases allegedly brought over by the Europeans, and the harsh treatment of the native populations, inspired increasing debate during the 16th century over the morality of slavery. The first extensive shipment of black Africans to make good the shortage of native slaves, what would lat …

The Charleston Massacre and the Batmobile – Confirming the Real Date

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Believing the evidence presented by the government in the Charleston Mass-Shooting “Massacre” requires a shocking conclusion. Time travel. See for yourself.

Either that, or elements of the massacre were staged ‘out of sequence’ – as they say in the movie business – merely giving the illusion of time travel. We believe this is the far more likely possibility.

In this version of our earlier film, we add satellite imagery and more image analysis. The impossible feats of the Batmobile help illustrate that actor ‘Dylan Storm Roof’ did indeed enter the parking lot of the AME Church at two SEPARATE times to get the staged surveillance shots as “evidence.” Thus, the seeming dilemma is further resolved.

The corporate government-controlled media will probably still go with the time travel assumption. Some of them may even actually convince themselves that ‘Dylan Storm Roof’ DID enter the building BEFORE he ever arrived there!


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Frequently Performing in Las Vegas Nevada, Our Elvis Impersonator is the Real Deal. This Elvis Tribute Band brings you right back to the time Elvis was at his prime.

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Grandpa Raps Like A Boss!

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Break Every Chain – House of Prayer church

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New song “Break Every Chain” by House of Prayer church.

Solo: Alesya Shvets
Piano: Vitalina Fedenko
Keyboard: Zhanna Arbatskiy
Drums: Harut Stepanyan
Guitar: Yuriy Shvets
Sound: Ruslan Yavny
Video: Vyacheslav Chernyavskiy

October 29, 2017
House of Prayer Church
Jacksonville, FL



There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus

To break every chain
Break every chain
Break every chain

(There is power)
There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus
There is power in the name of Jesus

To break every chain
To break every chain
To break every chain

To break every chain
To break every chain
Break every chain

All sufficient sacrifice
So freely given
Such a price
Bought our redemption
Heaven’s gates swing wide

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Tent City Survives 2nd Snow Storm – Tent City of Lakewood, NJ – ChasingNJ – Jan 22, 2014

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From ChasingNJ, Jan 22, 2014:

“It looks like the second bout of the polar vortex is among us here in the Garden State and the extreme cold can be dangerous for anyone outside for long periods of time, especially those who are living in tents in Lakewood’s tent city.”

“The neighborhood survived the first round of frigid weather that came through New Jersey and now they are bracing for more. Minister Steve, who runs the encampment, spoke about the residents’ plan of action.”

“‘Just making sure that everybody is warm and has their tent in good shape,’ he said. Minister Steve checks in on the community twice a day to make sure that everyone is still alive and healthy.”

“Other communities usually open emergency shelters inside schools or churches, but Ocean County does not offer that kind of service, in fact the closest shelter is located in Atlantic City which is more than 60 miles away. As a result, these residents are forced to stay warm by using wood burning stoves inside their tents.”

“This close-knit community relies on each other and each member does what they can to help the other one out. Before the storm the residents were breaking up fire wood and battening down the hatches.”

“Volunteers even stopped by to help bring warm clothing, blankets and food to the tented neighborhood. If you are interested in helping the people of Lakewood’s tent city, [visit] their Facebook page to find out how.”


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