Cruise 3- Juneau introduction to Judy & Steve Evenson

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Meet Judy and Steve Evenson in Juneau, Alaska and see how the Discover Bible School lessons have altered the lives of the Young people running the school. Produced by Todd Gessele for the Alaska Conference of Seventh-day Adventist and those aboard the Voice of Prophecy Cruise June 1-8, 2012. Since you’re my friend, you saw it first here!

Milo Adventist Academy Student Recruitment Video for Summer 1988

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This was Todd Gessele’s very first production. I told principal Mr. Chinn I’d make him a 10 minute video for $2000. Only to find out that video production costs were $1000 per minute. I called the Union headquarters for help and they sent down Terance Pratt, a media intern and we made this video for $2000! I wrote the script and directed Pratt, and then we drove to Portland and finished editing it in two days. Every shot had to be laided down in order. This is when I fell in love with video production, and decided not to be a mechanical engineer. Thank-you Mr. Glenn Chinn for believing in me! I took this video on the road and did summer recruiting with Tom Eiserbeck, Al Andrieux, and Charles Haller and 36 kids enrolled at Milo that I visited. Were you one of them? What’s your story? Todd Gessele
Narrated by Amy Worrel and Don Godman. Uploaded by Todd Gessele, Class of 1988 from a VHS dub with frame counter. Anyone have a clean master for this production?

9. “My Alaska with Ken Crawford”-McCarthy & Bristol Bay

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9. “My Alaska with Ken Crawford”—Visit McCarthy, Alaska & Bristol Bay & Ekuk Beach. McCarthy Segment produced by the Adventist Media Center and used with permission. Bristol Bay/Ekuk Segment Directed by Todd Gessele of Totally INSPIRED Media (503) 348-8652. Music Syncronization License from Gene Michael Productions, LLC 2014. The views, opinions and facts belong to the interviewees, and may not be attributed to Totally INSPIRED Media or Todd Gessele.

Workers Needed:Tour Gambell & Savoonga, Alaska, Seventh-day Adventist Parsonages

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This “NW Spotlight on Mission” feature highlights the need for good quality, dedicated Bible workers who are willing to relocate to Gambell & Savoonga, Alaska to build up the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church there. Produced by Todd Gessele with Ken Crawford, Leon Ringering, and Monte Church.

North Pacific Union Conference
Producer: Todd Gessele

Joe and Molly Chythlook’s Testimony & Insights-2011

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I was honored to spend the evening listening to Joe and Molly Chythlook recount stories of how their families in Togiak and at Goodnews and later at Lake Aleknagik, Alaska, encountered the Seventh-day Adventist faith. They articulate with kind humor some of the mistakes early missionaries made working with the Yupik-speaking Alaskan natives and highlight the present opportunities Seventh-day Adventist Christians have to engage and train Native young people to minister in the 220 unentered villages in the Arctic/Bristol Bay regions of Alaska. This couple has been truly blessed by their choice to follow Jesus—Todd Gessele, friend and producer. Todd serves as the Director of New Outreach Media for the North Pacific Union in Ridgefield, Washington.

Hospitality via Evangelism Leads Gold Panner to Church

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Pastor Dave Crockett introduces Ken Pysz, a gold panner who was searching for something of value, then we meet his daughter, Kelly Steen, who’s life was changed by spending a day with Pat Owens and family in Nome, Alaska. Hear how father and daughter found a new church home via kindness, a concert by violist, Jaime Jorge, and simple Christian hospitality on Sabbath.

Petersburg Alaska Seventh-day Adventist Church built by Maranatha David Axmaker

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Clip from the Alaska Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Constituency Report circa 2000.

North Pacific Union Conference
Director/Videographer: Todd Gessele

Alaska’s July 30, 2011 Offering Appeal (3 Minutes)

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Produced by Todd Gessele: This NW Spotlight on Mission highlights the need to share the gospel in 220 Arctic villages yet unentered by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Outside help is needed. Radio stations are a practical way to begin. Meet Sheryl Byrd, a Dillingham, Alaska, police officer, who was impressed to ask for Bible studies after landing a job and listening to the Adventist station in Dillingham. Her home village has never had an Adventist presence. Meet current Bristol Bay/Arctic volunteers and missionaries in Togiak, Savoonga, and Gambell, Alaska, where the work is currently growing. Consider what you can do, to help share God’s love in Alaska.