Praise & Harmony Recording Singers “Oceans”

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Praise And Harmony Singers recording “Oceans”
From the Exalted God CD, arranged by Mike Rogers.
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You can audition to be part of our next recording as the dates are now confirmed.

This is a Mike Rogers arrangement. We surveyed the singers during a previous recording session about which songs to include on future projects, and “Oceans” was the number one choice in the survey. This song is included on the P&H “Exalted God” CD. Find out how you can be a part of these recordings here:

Praise & Harmony Singers “10,000 Reasons”

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10,000 Reasons is on the Mighty God album found here:
This song is from the Mighty God Praise & Harmony album, recorded in April 2013 at the Central Church of Christ, Amarillo, Texas. Singers from around the nation auditioned as quartets (SATB) to join this project, which provided every singer with a local group committed to regular rehearsals to perfect their blend.

Every Praise & Harmony CD (includes 25 songs) comes packaged with a second CD, designed to help beginners learn to sing harmony. The bonus CD, called the “Vocalist Training Disc” contains the exact same 25 songs but with one isolated voice per part, panned hard left or right. This tool makes it easy for non-musicians to learn to sing harmony.

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Acappella “Everybody Praise His Name” Live

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Acappella Classic sang this song on April 13, 2012 during a reunion concert hosted by the Central Church in Amarillo, Texas. This concert served as a great warm-up for the 30th Anniversary celebration in Nashville, June 30 – July 3.