Chris Burhard & Ben Weiland: “Cradle of Storms” (Surf Photography) | Talks at Google

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Chris Burhard and Ben Weiland stop by the Googleplex to discuss surf photography and their surf movie, “Cradle of Storms.”

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David Rockefeller Jr, Susan Rockefeller, Jonathan Rendell: “Art and Philanthropy” | Talks at Google

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David Rockefeller’s eldest son David Jr. and his wife Susan, along with Jonathan Rendell, Deputy Chairman of Christie’s Americas, discuss the recent, record-breaking successful Rockefeller family auction hosted by Christie’s New York, as well as continuing legacy of the Rockefeller family’s philanthropy.

In spring 2018, Christie’s New York hosted the “auction of the century,” selling the entire contents of David and Peggy Rockefeller’s art collection for philanthropic purposes, raising a record-breaking $835 million — the highest total ever for any single-owner collection at auction and the most significant charitable auction in history. Mr. Rendell, David Jr. and Susan discuss the thrilling experience of the auction itself, the plan for dispersal of the sale proceeds to selected charities, and the innovative ways in which the current generations of Rockefellers are upholding the family’s dedication to philanthropy — a rare opportunity for an insider’s conversation with two members of this storied American family.

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Moderated by Emma Fallone.