Where History Comes to Life – Old Colorado City Historical Center

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Old Colorado City Historical Center – Episode 1 – Part 3

Next we will go to the History Center which was originally the 1st Baptist Church of Colorado City. In 1917, it became the Bethel Baptist Church. Currently it is owned and operated by the Old Colorado City Historical Society. We invite you to visit the museum where you can see artifacts that have been donated throughout the years. While the Old Colorado City History Center is no longer a church, it still has the original church bell that you and your children can ring.

Introduction 00:00-00:31
OCCHC introduction 00:32-01:14
The Histories Center’s original use 01:15-02:08
Leo Knudson: member of the Historical Society 02:09-05:04
A look inside 05:06-06:23
Artifacts collected through the years 06:24-07:22