DUGGAR DRAMA!!! Jinger Duggar Using Birth Control Against Family’s Wishes??!! WHAT HAPPENS???

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DUGGAR DRAMA!!! Jinger Duggar Using Birth Control Against Family’s Wishes??!! WHAT HAPPENS???

Back in November of 2016, Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo in one of the lavish, massively attended ceremonies her family has become known for.

From the first kiss shared in front of 1,500 guests to the TLC camera crew capturing every moment, the entire wedding was in keeping with Duggar tradition.

Everything that’s come after the “I do’s,” however, has broken the mold.

Shortly after the wedding, Jinger and Jeremy moved to Laredo, Texas, thus making her the first of the Duggar girls to permanently relocate outside of Arkansas.

In a well-publicized display of sartorial rebellion, Jinger also began wearing pants, thus becoming the first of her generation to flout her parents’ famously strict dress code.

But the most salient act of defiance on Jinger’s part is her decision to live a life that flies in the face of the central tenet of the Duggars’ ideology.

If you follow the family closely, you know that the Duggars teach their children from a young age that a woman’s primary purpose in life is to have as many children as possible.

As a result of that lifelong indoctrination, most Duggar women announce their first pregnancies within a few months of tying the knot.Recently, a new record was set when 19-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that she got pregnant on her honeymoon within days of marrying Austin Forsyth.

So it comes as quite a surprise to most Duggar fans that almost one full year after getting married, Jinger is still not expecting.

Countless Jinger pregnancy rumors have circulated online, all of which have been bogus. But, of course, that hasn’t been enough to bring an end to the constant scrutiny surrounding the status of Jinger’s uterus.Fan theories abound as to why Jinger and Jeremy have yet to procreate, and – spoiler alert – no one believes they’re celibate.

According to In Touch, many Duggar aficionados are speculating that Jinger might be using birth control on the down-low.

JINGER BABY GIRL UPDATE!! How Jinger Duggar Prepared For Baby Felicity AND ‘Advice’ From Her Sisters

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JINGER BABY GIRL UPDATE!!! How Jinger Duggar Prepared For Baby Felicity AND ‘Advice’ From Her Sisters!!!

As Jinger Duggar Vuolo prepared to welcome her baby girl, the Counting On star received some valuable advice from the women in her life that shaped her motherhood journey.

On Thursday, Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo became first-time parents to their daughter Felicity Nicole Vuolo. In a TLC video filmed in the last trimester of her pregnancy, Jinger and Jeremy shared their excitement about becoming parents and opened up about how they prepared to become a family of three.

“We’re super excited we’re going to be meeting our little baby soon!” Jinger said in the video. “The last trimester has been quite nice. I feel a little big, so I’m uncomfortable a few days here and there, but for the most part, health-wise everything’s going good and we’re very grateful for that.”

To help prepare for Felicity’s arrival, Jeremy shared that they were “getting the house ready and making sure we have all the necessary accessories we’ll need, like diapers and clothes, so just the final touches.”

Although Jinger no longer lives close to the Duggar family in her home state of Arkansas, the couple resides in Laredo, Texas. her mother and sisters shared some pregnancy advice from afar.

“I’ve gotten a lot of good advice from my mom and sisters. A lot is just don’t stress because as I think about it, the closer it gets, it’s easy to become anxious,” Jinger explained. “And so I think just looking forward to meeting this little girl and trying not to think about it too much.”

Jeremy added, “The advice I’ve gotten for helping Jinger during the labor process is just to be available and there to support her with whatever she needs.”

The couple tied the knot in November 2016 and announced in January of this year that they were expecting.

SERIOUS TENSION!!! Is Jeremy Vuolo CLOSE To The Duggar Family??! – WHAT HAPPENS??!

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SERIOUS TENSION!!! Is Jeremy Vuolo CLOSE To The Duggar Family??! – WHAT HAPPENS??!

Some fans have raised questions about whether or not Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, is close to the Duggar family. It seems there have been more than a few clues that the Vuolos could possibly be the wild cards, and not just because Jinger likes wearing pants and such.

Jeremy Vuolo has long been seen as a bit of a rebel compared to the ultra-conservative Duggar family, especially where patriarch Jim Bob Duggar is concerned. While the Duggars have a laundry list of activities their children are forbidden from engaging in, like premarital sex, Halloween, dancing, women wearing pants, to private phone calls and drinking alcohol.

In 2008 he was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct after he harassed a police officer, out-of-character behavior he explained to In Touch Weekly, “I was part of the college party scene and was living foolishly. I’m not perfect, but I sought out accountability and I now see great victory in my life.” Vuolo also has tattoos, another no-no in the world of the Duggars. But none of that stopped Jinger from falling in love with Jeremy and moving away from the family compound in Arkansas to Jeremy’s home in Laredo, Texas, where he is a pastor at Grace Community Church.

Fans have long speculated that Jim Bob Duggar regrets allowing Jinger to marry Jeremy. After all, Vuolo moved Jinger away to Texas, while the rest of the married daughters remained close by. He also has encouraged Jinger to travel the country and experience life as a wife with some newfound freedom before becoming a mother, while Jim Bob puts procreation above almost all things in a marriage .

The Duggars have remained close-lipped about the possible tension, even as it seemed to spread through the rest of the family. Jinger’s sister Jill and her husband Derick have reportedly been at odds with the Vuolos.

BABY GIRL SOON!!! Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Are Having A Baby Girl And FANS AREN’T HAPPY!!!

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BABY GIRL SOON!!! Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Are Having A Baby Girl And FANS AREN’T HAPPY!!!

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, announced they are expecting a baby almost immediately after Christmas. The pair, who will have their first child this July, announced that they would be having a girl just yesterday. While many fans of the Duggar clan were thrilled for the pair, there were also many that were not, as the Duggar family’s three subreddits were awash with people with very differing opinions on whether they were pleased for the pair.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and Jeremy Vuolo have been labeled the “rebel” Duggars because Jinger sometimes wears pants and skirts. There was also a suspicion that the pair might have used birth control during the first year of their marriage because Jinger did not become pregnant immediately like her sisters. But while they have this title, many complain that it isn’t “earned” because Jeremy has always been very conservative in his beliefs, particularly during his sermons at his home church in Laredo, Texas.

One Reddit user pointed out that gender roles within fundamentalism are very stringent, no matter who if it is a male or a female, and that men are also mandated to be “manly” or extroverted, which can be difficult for males who are not like that.

While differing opinions were offered, there were many posters who agreed with the sentiment that having girls in the Duggar family isn’t a good thing. One poster, however, stated that although they think Jinger and Jeremy’s girl will be raised in a “cultish” way, they are likely the best people to have a girl out of all of them.

DUGGAR DRAMA!!! Jinger Duggar HIDES BABY BUMP While Visiting Duggar Family Home With Jeremy Vuolo

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DUGGAR DRAMA!!! Jinger Duggar HIDES BABY BUMP While Visiting Duggar Family Home With Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, announced that they are pregnant with their first baby this past month. The announcement was followed by congratulatory videos from all the married members of the Duggar family, Jessa, Jill, Josh and Joy-Anna Duggar and many comments from Counting On fans. One of the reasons why there was a lot of social media coverage for her pregnancy was because she lives in Texas, away from all her family in Arkansas.

Since her wedding in November 2016, Jinger has been traveling a lot with her husband but has only been back at home a couple of times. Because Jeremy is the full-time pastor at Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, the couple travels often for work. Also, his family lives in Pennsylvania and the couple decided to spend both of their holiday seasons together on the east coast.

So it was a long time coming when Jinger flew to Arkansas to visit all her younger and married siblings at home. This was the first time that many of the Duggars saw Jinger with her baby bump, albeit small, as she is approaching her 18th week. To commemorate this trip, the 24-year-old Duggar took a selfie with her younger sisters and posted it on Instagram.

“I’d say that made a lot of cute little girls very happy Jinger!” A fan commented.

“Great photo Jinger,” another wrote. “Hope you have fun with your family.”

Ever since the Vuolos announced that they are expecting a baby, Jinger has become much more family orientated in her Instagram content. First of all, she has decreased the number of posts she makes on her account and the photos that make it onto her feed are usually with family.

Her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, has continued to post about things unrelated to the pregnancy on his Instagram. He has uploaded photos from a recent baptism, the scenery from his hometown and a selfie with his beautiful wife.

But their journey as new parents has been the most exciting thing happening in their lives.

NOT GOOD FOR HER!!! Jinger Duggar TRAVELS WEARING PANTS While 5 Months Pregnant [VIDEO]

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NOT GOOD FOR HER!!! Jinger Duggar TRAVELS WEARING PANTS While 5 Months Pregnant [VIDEO]

Jinger Duggar shocked the fans of Counting On when she started wearing pants after her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo. Because she and the rest of her sisters were brought up wearing skirts and dresses that fall below their knees, her transition to slacks got fans wondering if she wants to depart from the Duggar way of living. After her pregnancy announcement in January, she started wearing skirts more often, but it looks like her growing baby bump will not stop her from wearing pants.

Right now, Jinger and Jeremy are on a week-long trip to Los Angeles, where he attended the 2018 Shepherds’ Conference hosted by Grace Community Church. As the pastor of an offshoot of Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, the 30-year-old former soccer player was eager to join preachers from all over the country to discuss what it means to be leaders in their towns.

Even though the conference was only three days long, the Vuolos are staying on the West Coast for over a week to enjoy the sights and sounds of southern California. The last time that they were in Los Angeles was almost a year ago before Jinger was pregnant.

With the work wrapped up, Jeremy and Jinger are enjoying their time as tourists in the city, taking pictures of the Hollywood sign, visiting friends, and seeing the Gutenberg Bible exhibition at the Huntington Library.

Jinger is now five months pregnant with her first baby, which means that she just has three months to go before her due date. While most mothers would avoid traveling during this time, it looks like she and her husband have not shown any hesitancy.

Also, this is not the first time that the 24-year-old mother was seen wearing pants during her pregnancy. Last month, she garnered praises from her fans when she sported a casual pantsuit for a Sunday service.