Lobo lineman shares passion for music

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Aaron Jenkins is one of the best Lobo linemen in the history of the program.

But before he ever wore pads, music was his passion. Jenkins grew up singing with his mother in their church choir.

“She definitely gave me my taste in all kinds of music from gospel to R & B, to alternative music, to country,” Jenkins said.

He said his love of music has taught him to always try new things.

Check Jenkins and KOB’s Brandon Ortega jamming out together in the video above.

Two NM guardsmen killed in crash near Gallup

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06:00 pm crash this morning that killed two of them. news of the deaths and injuries of several others is shocking to the local national guard unit all but one of the young men and women belonged to. cristina rodda has been looking into how the crash happened. she’s live in the newsroom with more, cristina? gallup police say the crash happened at just after 8 this morning on the westbound lane of intestate 40 near gallup– we are tolold the group had just left a nearby denny’s restuarant. these are graphic pictures of the crash– where police beelive the drive crossed the median over-corrected flipped about four times, clipped a light post and ejecting two people. 32 year old christina joe died– she is from standing rock. 33 year old shawn bennett also died in the crash– he is from prewitt– he is not a

06:01 pm national guardsman. transported to gallup indian medical center with injuries were: 30 year old kevin bennett also from prewitt, 35 year old kathleen jones from rock springs and 37 year old arlene garnenez from tholikai. garnenez is also a state police dispatcher. the group was in a four door pick up that belonged to garnenez– the state dispatcher. 16 “the challenges now are identifying the driver and proceeding with everything we believe to make sure we have a good case.” police say beer cans were found at the scene. gallup police say excessive speed seems to be a factor and they are still investigating if alcohol or fatigue are also a factor. police say they have not been able to speak to those injured. police are not identifying the driver– but they are seeking a

06:02 pm search warrant to draw blood from the driver. state police tell us the state police dispatcher arlene garnenez is now on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. back to you. this is the latest in a string of recent possible d-w-is involving new mexico state police personnel just this month. officer daniel barde was arrested for drunk driving this month on i-25 near belen with his three year old son with him in his pickup. lieutenant matthew vigil – was in his personal vehicle when he was arrested for d- w-i in raton. officer joe green was not charged after motorcycle crash in roswell – but police are waiting for toxicology reports to determine if he was drunk. the new mexico national guard sent us this statement about today’s deadly crash. “we want to extend our condolences to the families of

06:03 pm the national guardsmen involved in this tragic accident. our hearts and prayers are with them and we extend our assistance to those affected families to ensure they are taken care during this difficult time.”

Veteran waves gun at ABQ churchgoers

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05:02 pm experience for dozens of church-goers in northeast albuquerque — after police say a man waved a gun at them to stop them from parking on his street. jeff maher is live near indian school and juan tabo with more on what happened. jeff. when people arrived here at saint bernadette’s church this morning to attend mass, they saw a guy standing across the street near his driveway staring them down, and waving a gun. the church, was then put on lockdown. this is not the kind of scene you would expect to see during morning mass — streets blocked off, ahurch on lockdown, and police, positioned behind their squad cars, trying to talk a homeowner into surrendering. “i saw the man, but not the gun” louis hill has been going to saint bernadette’s church for more than 15 years. when he walked inside the church, he found out this was not going to be an ordinary mass.