Funeral arrangements set for Beaumont toddler who drowned in Texas City

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KFDM News – Funeral arrangements are set for a two-year-old Beaumont girl, who drowned in the Houston area last weekend.Kaloni Corbin drowned in a pond during a family reunion.Her funeral is Saturday, July 13, at Church of God on Denver Street in Beaumont. Visitation is also Saturday at the church under the direction of Comeaux Community Funeral Chapel.
From Comeaux Community Funeral Chapel: Services for Baby Kaloni Corbin will be held on Saturday July 13,2013 @ 1:00p.m @ Gesthemane Church Of God located @ 2685 Denver St. Beaumont, Texas, 77701. Visitation to be held from 11:00a.m. until the time of the service with burial to follow at Live Oak Memorial Park on old Port Arthur Road under the direction of Comeaux Community Funeral Chapel located @ 624 Irma St.

If any one has any questions they can feel free to contact the funeral home @ (409) 838.6598.

An acct has been set up for Kaloni Corbin @ Bank Of America
acct # 586032746102.

Paranormal Society investigates a historic manor in Port Arthur

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PORT ARTHUR — Friday the 13th is a day some dread. It’s considered an unlucky day for some, but those looking to connect with spirits favor the day. Six News Reporter Kalie Desimone was there as members of the graveyard shift paranormal society investigated the rose hill manor house in port arthur. Brett Wright is trying to communicate with spirits at the historic Rose Hill Manor in Port Arthur. “Some of these people we have visited with before actually did live here. Two of the voices we caught identified themselves as Mr. And Mrs. Woodworth” says Wright. Friday night the investigators with Graveyard Shift Paranomal Society say they heard from a different ghost at the haunted home. The investigators used gadgets like voice recorders and K2 electromagnetic field meters. Tools that pick up the presence of ghosts. Ghost investigator Brett Wright asked a series of questions to a certain spirit who calls himself ‘Richard’. Other members of the Paranormal Society tracked the ghosts answers through special software. “Most people think it’s just Hollywood and glam actually they are haunted locations” says Wright.Carolin Beck says she came to friday night’s ghost tour to ask the experts some questions. She says at one time she didn’t believe in ghosts. “There are no ghosts. There’s nothing to prove ghosts exist” says Beck. Beck believed those words until she had her own experience while staying in a hotel room after evacuating for Hurricane Rita. “In a certain room there, there was a haunted head bored. I thought it was funny until I actually heard breathing. Steady rhythmic breathing” says Beck. Beck says that was enough proof for her. Friday night guests on the tour say they heard several strange things including a whistle. And while some can chalk the noise up to the air conditioner or any other number of ways to explain the sound, Brett Wright offers those people this challenge. “Some people have always had doubts now is your time to come forward and take a step behind the scenes” says Wright. If you’d like more information about the Graveyard Shift Paranormal Society and their events you can find them on Facebook.

Episcopal church blesses gay unions

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It is a subject that has been hotly debated by politicians, religious leaders and families across the country. Now the Episcopal church in Texas is grappling with the issue. The Episcopal church authorized the blessing of same-sex unions during its general convention. However, it stopped short of performing marriage ceremonies for gay couples. Lynn Delage grew up in a Baptist church, but now she practices a different faith. Delage says she does not understand people’s objection to gay marriage. “I lived with my older brother and he was member of the Unitarian Universalist church since 1985. He was gay,” said Delage. Delage is a member of the Spindletop Unitarian church in Beaumont. She says it’s a liberal church that welcomes any and all people. “Every person has the same rights and to deny two people the right to marriage because they’re the same sex is to deny their humanity and their freedom,” said Delage. Last week the Episcopal church ruled same sex relationships can receive a blessing from the church. “Notice it says blessing, it does not say marriage, and it’s very clear, at least in this diocese, this is not a marriage,” said Dean Calcote of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. “It’s going to be, in this diocese, very restrictive. Any case has to have the Bishop’s consent. He is at this time only allowing one church in Austin and one church in Houston to do this,” said Calcote. Calcote admits there is division among congregations within the Episcopal church. “There is, of course, a highly-controversial issue. There are those who favor it and those who, probably the majority, who do not,” said Calcote. Calcote said division in the church is nothing new and what counts is how the believers handle the difference. “Being able to, in a Christian manner, sit down and discuss the fact that this is an issue like a number of issues you might have that we don’t agree on,” said Calcote. Calcote says the measure allows Episcopal churches only to bless same sex relationships and not to marry gay couples. Same sex marriage remains illegal in Texas.

Port Arthur pastor announces bid for National Baptist Convention president

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PORT ARTHUR – A Port Arthur pastor has announced he is running for president for the National Baptist Convention.
Reverend Randy G. Vaughn, is the pastor of the Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist church. He announced his bid this evening. He has been the pastor of Mount Sinai for 30 years. Vaughn has been an active leader with the National Baptist Convention in past years, helping with disaster relief and building churches in Haiti. He says he’s ready to take on new leadership roles to help grow his faith.

Church members take handguns to church as a precaution

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KIRBYVILLE- by Sarai Demien
A pistol carrying pastor is encouraging his Southeast Texas church members to carry concealed handguns to church. First Baptist Church in Kirbyville is a place many come to worship but it’s also a place where they’re encouraged to carry guns.
Pastor Charles Burchett says times have changed and he’s concerned about shootings nationwide.
“The latest with the shooting at the church in the Carolinas if someone there had a gun he might have pulled his out and shot one person but I believe someone else would have stopped him,” says Burchett.
A proponent of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear Arms Burchett says he encourages members to carry concealed handguns at church.
“We have church members who are trained and selected to be on duty Sunday to sit at strategic places in the auditorium they have their firearm with them,” says Burchett.
He says gun safety is taken seriously by all members.
We have classes for all of our members that are interested whether they have a gun or not,” says Burchett.
Church member Jan Sessions has carried a concealed handgun for more than ten years. Sessions believes there could be a moment when she might have to protect her church family.
“So the church is just an extension of our life it shouldn’t there’s not anything wrong with it and I think it’s a good place to carry it actually,” says Sessions.
Burchett encourages church members who do not have a concealed handgun to be prepared and have a plan in case of a shooting.

Dr. Martin Luther King honored

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PORT ARTHUR – KFDM News A Dr. Martin Luther King event on Sunday was a time for praise and worship.Members from several Southeast Texas churches gathered at mount Sinai missionary Baptist church in Port Arthur to celebrate the life of Dr. King. They celebrated with song and praise. Those attending today’s service say the event was first about celebrating their King of Kings.And then to honor the slain civil rights leader.Organizer Yvonne Howard says doctor king’s faith in god is part of his legacy.He took the word of god as a guide. The word of god says that god’s world will be a lamp to our feet and a light unto our pathway. I believe he was a man of god who was in constant contact with god and that’s why he was able to do the great and mighty things that he did.Dr. King was born January 15th and would have turned 84 years old.

3-26-2012 Churches burglarized in Beaumont

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BEAUMONT – by Ashley Gaston – KFDM News has learned vandals struck at least half a dozen Beaumont churches and businesses during the past few days… breaking in through the side or back of the business… usually after dark.  It’s the 4th time in the past 14 years burglars have hit Woodland Baptist Church.  The Pastor says he’d give the vandals the money they want, if they’d simply ask instead of destroy.  “They threw a cinder-block through this window.  They messed the blinds up and crawled through here,” said Pastor Jim Sliger.  This isn’t the first time vandals have struck Woodland Baptist Church on Lucas Street in Beaumont.  Pastor Jim Sliger says he’s tired of spending church money to repair what vandals have destroyed.  “This is a Baptist church.  This isn’t a savings and loan. We don’t have money here.  We don’t keep money here,” said Sliger.  Sliger said they destroyed a door and two windows…trying to get into the church office.  A set of blinds cover the opening left when vandals smashed a double-pane window.  The vandals broke the office window, but overlooked a laptop and an I-Pad before rummaging round the office.  “They broke a safe with a hammer, but there was only letters inside it,” said Sliger.  Beaumont Police said the West End Baptist Church is one of a number of churches and business where people broke in, vandalized the building, but didn’t take anything.  It’s the same story at Dinsmore Medical on College, Ashland’s Affirming Art Studio on Phelan Blvd. and a number of churches scattered throughout the west end.  The common thread: all were hit after dark and so far there’ve been no arrests.  “It could be nothing, but it could be that one lead we need to catch who is breaking into our businesses,” said Beaumont Police Officer Carol Riley.  “These individuals they need to get caught or they’ll get more brave and really hurt someone or cause more damage than they need to,” said Sliger.  The damage cost Woodland Baptist Church ,200 to repair.  The pastor says no amount of money can replace the church members peace of mind.  Beaumont Police encourage you to call Crimestoppers if you have information about the burglaries.  If you call 833-tips and your information leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for a reward up to one thousand dollars.

One Southeast Texas church is pumping love into the community

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PORT ARTHUR- Three thousand dollars in gasoline went into the tanks of 150 vehicles this morning. Cars lined the streets in Port Arthur for a chance to fill their car with twenty dollars worth of free gas. New Hope Baptist Church raised the money to give back to their community. KFDM’s Leslie Rangel was at the gas giveaway, and she talked to a few lucky drivers.

Celebrating Easter in Southeast Texas

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ORANGE – It’s a tradition that gets many Christians up before dawn to worship and pray on Easter Sunday. Christians gathered for a sunrise service. They celebrated the resurrection of Christ at Shangri La Botanical Gardens in Orange before the sun came out. Pastor Eddie Lee Smith of New Beginnings Outreach Ministry led the annual Easter service.As day broke, a choir lifted their voices in song and praise.Organizers say sunrise is perfect time to celebrated Easter.You know, nature is a reflection of God and so we think this is just a beautiful setting to celebrate the promise, the mystery and the miracle of Easter, said Noelle Jordan with Shangri La Botanical Gardens.BEAUMONT – Churches of different denominations came together to present a play on the crucifixion

of Jesus Christ. The performance, Last Days of Christ took place in a field next to Legacy Christian Academy.The drama focused on events in the bible that took place before and during the crucifixion. Melinda McCall says life brings struggles, but that Christians should always keep in mind the sacrifice that Christ made.It’s nothing compared to what he did for us and to be given this opportunity and to show my children. It has been such a blessing to me and my husband, she said. McCall says the event celebrates the meaning of Easter in ways that some people have forgotten

Seven churches come together to share faith

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BEAUMONT — KFDM NewsSeven Southeast Texas churches of different denominations will come together to share
their faith.The Lenten Interfaith Preaching Series will be held Feb. 17-19, and includes meetings and preaching.The event will be held at First Christian Church at 5920 N. Caldwood in Beaumont.

Mediterranean festival kicked off with dancing and food

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BEAUMONT – A local church brought the Mediterranean to Southeast Texas. St. Michael Orthodox Christian church on North 15th Street in Beaumont held its Mediterranean festivalThe event was filled with music, food, dance and other leaders say the congregation wanted to share its cultural heritage with Southeast Texas.The church will donate a portion of the money raised during the event to Anayat House and Meals on Wheels program.

See why a Southeast Texas church locked its doors

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BEAUMONT – If you plan to attend one Beaumont church this Sunday, you might be in for a surprise.That’s because on Monday night, the pastor put a lock on the door at Iconium Missionary Baptist Church.The building will remain closed for a month. The congregation will take its ministry beyond the doors of the church and out to the community.The pastor said he saw a need to ministry beyond the church’s walls.

Pastor charged with murder; shooting outside church

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BON WIER – A Southeast Texas pastor is charged with murder Sunday.Authorities say Reverend Luther Jones shot and killed his nephew, 34-year-old Curtis Jones at the church. People who live in the Belgrade community near Bon Wier were in shock Sunday. Witnesses told investigators that Curtis Jones was on his way to another church this morning. They say Curtis Jones was flagged down by someone at the church and he pulled into the driveway of the Belgrade Baptist Church on Farm Market Road 1416.That’s when witnesses say the Pastor Jones approached the car and started shooting at his nephew. Witness say Curtis Jones was slumped over the wheel and the car started rolling. Neighbors say he apparently stepped on the gas pedal of his Chevrolet Suburban, and it caused the vehicle to shoot across the highway and into a field, where it hit a tree.A family member said there was a long-standing feud between the pastor and his nephew.A judge will arraign Pastor Jones Monday morning.KJAS Radio contributed to this report. Stay with KFDM News we will have full coverage of the shooting on Monday.

Beaumont church empowers women through expo

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The Harvest for Lost Souls church held a women’s expo to lift Southeast Texas women during a conference designed to empower them to become leaders.
The event was called the Women Steppin’ Out conference.
Women pastors from local churches were guest speakers during at the conference.
The gathering was as much about praising God as it was about helping women to pursue their dreams.

Retirees help build Beaumont church

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BEAUMONT- Jessica Crawford
The Volunteer Christian Builders are helping construct the new building for Beaumont’s First Baptist Church on Major Drive.
The group has members from all over the country. They help build churches for free, and many of the volunteers are retired people. Rusty Goin, a crew leader for the organization, says the average age for volunteers is 71.
“We come to work at 7:30, we pray, and we go to work,” he says. “And they look for work. If they run out, they come to me and say ‘I need something to do.”
Mark Adams, an associate pastor of the church, says the volunteers are doing a great job.
“The progress has really kind of exploded here in the past couple of weeks,” says Adams.
The volunteers bring their RVs and set up camping areas outside of the churches they help build.”So they live with us,” says Adams. “We eat with them, we have lunches with them. Our church provides the food for them during the week while they’re here. So we get to fellowship with them, kind of get to know them and their lives.”
The church is expected to be finished sometime this summer.