Unbiblical Attack on Kavanaugh! Beto O’Rourke Bad for Texas (Lockwood)

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GUEST: Bill Lockwood | Twitter
The Bible says that accusations should come by two or more witnesses. Democrats say, “I believe her!” Guilty until proven innocent! Democrats are cold-hearted, calculating, evil people! No conscience. Congress has a slush fund of taxpayer funded money to protect them from sexual allegations with settlements! Martha MacCallum Fox News interview: Brett Kavanaugh was a virgin through all the years in question! (Lockwood tells kids that never touched nor tried marijuana or any drug like that! They don’t believe him.) Jesse doubts that the “attempted rape” accuser, woman Christine Blasey Ford, will testify! President Trump is probably frustrated at the weak RINO Republicans giving in to the godless Democrats’ demands even when we have control.

Blog post: Soros-funded “Beto” O’Rourke: Wrong for Texas; Wrong for America. Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke (D-TX) is funded by George Soros, is anti-freedom, and is for socialism (“healthcare”), illegal immigration, high taxes, abortion, etc.

Why is Beto O’Rourke even close to beating Ted Cruz? Bill Lockwood talks about atheist, socialist immigrants and white kids. Our values are sliding. Whites have self-loathing, pretending they’re black or another race — corrupt people love the corruptor, and hate the people they once loved. Biblical Question: Does God love you as you are?

Originally aired Tuesday, Sep 25, Hour 1, segment 1-2


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Thu, Jan 3: Trump vs Romney & Dems; Beta Male Hank Johnson & NAACP

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Thu, Jan 3 Hour 1: Trump on Shutdown, Wall, & Romney. Beta male is on third marriage!
| 1) Trump press conference on gov’t shutdown: I was all alone in the White House with the machine gunners, and nobody came to negotiate. Trump is upfront. If the wall’s immoral, you better do something about the Vatican!

| 2) Trump says Mitt Romney should be a team player. If he fought Obama as hard as he fought me, he’d have won the election!

Molly Tibbetts’s mother opened her home to an immigrant relative of the illegal alien accused of killing her daughter!

Rick of northern Wisconsin’s mother ran the home, got divorced, and messed him up.

| 3) BOND Men’s Forum tonight. Support BOND

Rick is on his third marriage. He got back with his high school sweetheart. She said God told her they’d be together.

| 4) Rick is a beta male and says he doesn’t know how to be an alpha male. His father “tried to kill” him when he was 12, then 17, then later committed suicide.

| 5) Perry of PA says Jesse should have a sword on the wall behind him above his head. Because he slays zombies and wakes people up.

Thu, Jan 3 Hour 2: Woman forgave parents; Mitt’s untrustworthy; 18-y-o wrestler calls in
| 1) Alexis of Philadelphia, PA, finally called her dad.

| 2) Mitt Romney to Jake Tapper on CNN: I think Trump is sincere. Chuck Schumer in 2009 spoke against illegal aliens, not “undocumented workers,” and talked about the wall.

Efferson of Oakland, CA, is 18, and refused his parents trying to force him into an arranged marriage.

| 3) Men’s Forum tonight 7pm at BOND Joel’s The Gifted of Dance Academy offers discounts.

Efferson’s parents came into his apartment and messed up his stuff.

| 4) Efferson talks about the NJ wrestler who cut his hair when given the choice by the ref.

| 5) Efferson doesn’t think most blacks are retarded. But anger retards the mind.

Thu, Jan 3 Hour 3: Anti-Trump Hank Johnson & NAACP; Women’s March cancelled too white
| 1) Hank Johnson calls Trump a racist strongman. He says Trump supporters want white privilege, and they’re old, uneducated and dying of drugs, alcohol, and broken hearts. Maybe he’s thinking black people. He spoke at the NAACP, the National Association Against Black People.

| 2) Tom of Alabama came from England. He works here and met a girl. Have blacks always been this whiney? Date 7 years, no sex. Darren of CA calls Jesse a girl for “complaining” about beta makes. Caller Levi if Beaverton, OR, asks about the wall: what if they fly over the wall?

| 3) Let anger go! Hank Johnson and the NAACP are of their father the Devil. Support BOND. Check out Joel Friday’s business

Levi asks about the Berlin Wall vs. Trump’s wall. Neil asks why someone would want to be God.

| 4) Neil, don’t read that radical stuff, do the Silent Prayer. James reports on Women’s March Eureka in Humboldt County, CA — cancelled due to being overwhelmingly white. More callers.

| 5) James of Sylvester, GA, sees hate and prejudice increasing. Jesse says men have been weak, but they’re waking up.

Blacks Attack Whites in Milwaukee, Threaten & Follow “White” Reporters, Shoot 18-y-o White Kid

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Sources: (WND / Paul Joseph Watson) Milwaukee madness: White people ‘hunted’ for attacks
(Hot Air / Tim Pool) Reporter: I’m leaving Milwaukee because white people are being threatened and attacked

Black agitators in Milwaukee threatened, chased, hunted, attacked, assaulted, and shot white people after a black cop killed armed black thug Sylville Smith (who was carrying a stolen gun) the other weekend. Blacks video recorded themselves shouting, “They’re beating up every white person…. He white! Beat his a**!” A mixed-Korean journalist Tim Pool left Milwaukee because he “looks white” to blacks, after seeing a white 18-year-old local shot in the neck by a black, seeing the attacks on whites and anti-white threats and hate speech, like “F*** white people!”

The young man who was shot was dropping off a friend after attending the Wisconsin State Fair, saw the live crowds and decided to see what was happening; he witnessed blacks throwing bricks and objects at police, but did not think the “protestors” (rioters) were attacking other civilians.

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Jun 7: Jason Ottley on Fitness; April Ryan SMH… Blacks ‘My People’?

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STARTS AT 7:29 … CUTTING BREAKS (edit in process) … AUDIO SYNC SHOULD FIX ITSELF. THANK YOU! Jun 7 Hour 1: Jason Ottley on fitness; CNN’s April Ryan an anti-Trump activist for NFL thugs

GUEST: Jason Ottley of on the rampant obesity and lack of fitness. Why do people fail to stick to fitness or diet? He trains people internationally. Fill out a survey in his contact section on his website, and he’ll give you a custom program. Cardio is NOT the best way to burn fat — weight training is. He’s getting married soon. | 2) CNN correspondent April Ryan, black godless liberal vs. Sarah Sanders on NFL thugs kneeling and turning their back on the flag. | 3) Support BOND Joel started his dance business! He’s not a victim like April Ryan promotes. She wrote a book going to Trayvon’s mother, Obama, and others! She also got caught pushing fake news about Trump being booed. | 4) Clip of the anti-Trump pro-NFL thugs protester who was booed. ALSO: New jobs report shows Trump making America great again. | 5) Caller King of Alexandria, LA, talks to Jesse about racism, etc.

Jun 7 Hour 2: Are blacks “my people”? Overcome the brainwashing! You’ve never experienced racism

Caller King of Alexandria, Louisiana, argues more with Jesse about blacks being his people, whether all blacks are from Africa, and whether Jesse loves Trayvon Martin and Colin Kaepernick. | 2) Caller John of Illinois thanks Jesse for his patriotism and dealing with the division in the country pushed by media. His wife comes on and they talk about marriage. | 3) Watch Jesse on Newsmax TV (first hour). Read WND: Roseanne’s Lynching Is an Insult to Blacks. Caller Lionel of NY asks if Jesse’s experienced “racism,” says he believes in racism, and gives an example. Jesse tells him to overcome his brainwashing! | 4) Jesse explains how to overcome the wrong thoughts, the Devil’s workshop. Joel says blacks calling others “coons” and “white supremacists” are giving evil remark just like the so-called “racist” white people. Caller Clinton of Tuscaloosa, AL, agrees with Jesse, and never experienced “racism.” He talks about his father.

Jun 7 Hour 3: Fight for 15, RME; 19yo feels unprepared: PARENTS FAILED. Muslim callers!

Travis talks about the “Fight for 15” at McDonald’s, pushed by the unions. | 2) Caller Billy of NC, age 19, asks about being prepared for the world and working. Jesse talks about parents who don’t make their children work. Caller Tishaun of NYC agrees racism isn’t real, thanks Jesse because she forgave her parents. She talks about a white woman over-apologizing — because of angry black women. | 3) Parents who don’t make their kids work don’t love their children. The kids hate them for it, because they feel unprepared. More callers talk to Jesse: Abdilah of Des Moines, Iowa, is a Muslim but knows Jesse’s telling the truth — some of the same good things his religion teaches. | 4) Khalil of Maryland is Muslim and wishes the imam Jesse recently interviewed were more direct. He says many don’t understand their religion, and they’re afraid due to terrorism. | 5) Caller Doma from Johannesburg, South Africa, brings up interracial dating and marriage.

Call-in: 888-775-3773 Live M-F 6-9a PT (8-11a CT / 9-noon ET) first hour live on Newsmax TV | Podcast

This morning health & wellness coach Jason Ottley joins us ( Then we deal with rude activist “reporter” CNN’s April Ryan vs Sarah Sanders on the NFL thugs turning their back on the flag, country & military over fake news “police brutality”

Do You Believe in Interracial Dating and Marriage? (Biblical Question / Church EXCERPT, Jun 3)


California voter guide for conservatives / Christians by Craig Huey

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Pastor Ted Haggard on How Culture of Judgement is Destroying the Church (Full Interview)

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Pastor Ted Haggard of St. James Church, Colorado Springs was a guest on “The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show” discussing Scandal and crisis: Humbling yourself to the refining process. His latest Blog: Suicide, Evangelicalism, and Sorrow. Submission to Christ alone in obedience. Don’t miss this revealing and encouraging interview with Pastor Haggard that will blow you away.

Apr 26: Blacks Can’t Be Free | Rob Arlett for Senate | Kanye Loves Trump | John Legend a Liar

Views:6325|Rating:4.83|View Time:2:1:3Minutes|Likes:196|Dislikes:7
Live on Newsmax TV | Podcast Call-in: 888-775-3773 Live M-F 6-9a PT (8-11a CT / 9-noon ET)

Apr 26 Hour 1: Rob Arlett for Senate; Kanye West loves Trump; John Legend is a liar

GUEST: Rob Arlett Republican running for U.S. Senate in Delaware as a Trump guy. THEN: Kanye West loves President Donald Trump. Black people are not allowed to leave the Democratic plantation. Jesse did because the Democrats are against God, family, freedom, the military, the country, and they don’t respect black people. John Legend is a liar: He gives out fake examples of “racism” but the truth is blacks have a bad reputation — it’s about character, and not color. Callers talk to Jesse including a black conservative Republican who says the Left is trying to destroy Christianity and blacks. A caller says kids in Black Lives Matter are just confused — he saw Jesse’s interview with them on The Fallen State The NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, and BLM are using blacks. Parents who allow their adult children to stay home past 18 don’t love their kids.

Apr 26 Hour 2: Ronny Jackson lynched; Family advocate denigrates father, too close to mother

Ronny Jackson withdraws as VA nominee due to accusations from evil Democrats. Stand up and fight back. Caller “Pepe” says John Legend should have a nickname calling him a liar. He asks about white groups and men’s clubs which are under attack, then talks about white South Africans. He mentions Dinesh D’Souza and America. He says Nelson Mandela, MLK, and Arab Spring were communist-influenced. Jesse asks him to call again and get straight to his point. Caller Debbie of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, says black attitudes toward whites changed after the election of Barack Obama. She was raised not to speak in the South. Caller Jim of Columbus, OH, advocates for the natural family, and telling the truth about blacks. (Support The Fallen State on Patreon.) Jim talks about his parents, saying his father was a horrible example, an abuser, a drunk, womanizer, but his mother was a Christian. Jesse suggests he was too close to his mother. Jesse urges him to do the Silent Prayer. Caller Willie of Omaha, Nebraska, talks about white violence — white guys committing terror attacks. We need to get angry about it, Willie says. Jesse holds him over to third hour.

Apr 26 Hour 3: Blacks Complain About White Violence & Walter Scott; Gym Discrimination! #MeToo

Willie of Omaha, Nebraska, says that the average white guy will attack non-whites to ensure survival of the white race, after hearing Jesse or Trump demonizing nonwhites. Willie brings up Jesse talking about Walter Scott who was shot in the back by the cop after running and fighting. But people accuse the cops of being guilty without even hearing the trial. He brings up Rodney King, but Jesse points out he ran from the cops and put others’ life at risk. Jesse brings up Louis Farrakhan, whom Willie follows to a point. Caller Marie of New Jersey says she was a Democrat for 30 years with her family, but they voted for Trump, so she’s like a Kanye, in the basket of deplorables. Caller Tony of Chelsea, Michigan, tells a story of visiting Second Ebenezer Church in Detroit, led by Bishop Edgar Vann, and seeing Todd Hall, a “prophet” who was getting money from the blacks, and cursing people who frowned at him. Another caller Michael from Cary, North Carolina, says we have to be careful of false prophets. Jesse puts him on hold and plays a news report of two black men allegedly being wrongly kicked out of their LA Fitness gym. They’re crying “racial profiling.” Jesse said #MeToo! His gym Equinox hate him because he’s black and supports President Trump. Blacks aren’t supposed to leave the plantation. Caller Michael disagrees with Jesse about why fathers leave and mothers turning children away from the father. He brings up Walter Scott being “unarmed,” but Jesse points out he was running, and the cop didn’t know whether he was armed or not. Jesse announces BOND annual Men’s Conference Saturday, June 16, the day before Father’s Day. James and caller Darrell of Washington talk with Jesse about “the false community” of Kekistan, and rejecting identity politics, and symbols of Jesus with Pepe the Frog. James tells a little about 4chan.




Anti-White History Mexican: “Jesse Jackson’s Son Kicked Your A**!”

Views:25785|Rating:4.78|View Time:11:27Minutes|Likes:853|Dislikes:40
(Same Mexican Caller? Part 3) FLASHBACK: Caller “Lawrence from Denver, CO,” says White History Month doesn’t exist, because the federal government doesn’t recognize it; he says it’s forced on us every day in public schools. Jesse says he sounds like a Mexican or Hispanic! “Lawrence” says he voted for Trump. He asks if George W. Bush is partly to blame, not just Barack Obama. Jesse blames Obama who was the worst, but also Bush, and Reagan who did amnesty, and all the presidents before The Great White Hope. Obama was the worst because he’s black (meaning he has that godless, lazy, dishonest, liberal, radical, angry, black socialist mindset prevalent among black Democrats). “Lawrence” won’t answer whether it’s right that illegals come here. and he starts cussing at Jesse, saying that he’s full of S— and Jesse Jackson’s son kicked his A—, so the real Mexican is coming out!

Previous calls from this person (we believe):
“You’re Very Whitewashed, Sir!” Mexican-American Hates “White Jesus”!
I Don’t Want Them in My Country! “You Don’t Own Sh*t!”

NOTE: “Lawrence of Denver, CO (Jul 16),” sounds a lot like previous caller “David from New Mexico” (Apr 30-May 1), and “Joseph of Albuquerque, NM” (May 18). Was he using fake names & changing them, lying and saying he was a first-time caller?

Originally aired Monday, July 16, Hour 3, segments 2-3


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Aug 6: Women Who Hate Men; Forgive Parents; Don’t Sound Pitiful

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Monday, Aug 6 Hour 1: Immigrant from Congo hates America; Asian NY Times writer hates white men
Insane black Congo woman Therese Okoumou chants, “America, you M***** F***ers, you drug addicts, you KKK, you fascist USA!” Send her back! | 2) Caller “Black from NYC” says all of blacks’ problems ultimately stem from white people, and asks who made slavery and the laws against blacks for 350 years. He accuses Jesse of dancing, shucking and jiving, then hangs up on on Jesse after Jesse tells him it’s a dumb question. | 3) Joel wonders why blacks became immoral after the government started started giving them free stuff, and the concept of “racism” became prominent. | 4) It’s Men’s History Month. Liberal Asian woman Sarah Jeong hates men, especially white men — she was hired by NY Times. | 5) Lucas of MN talks about biblical question: How do you resist the devil? He went through confirmation.

Aug 6 Hour 2: Young Christian from one mama to another; PTSD woman on the devil’s lettuce

Lucas of MN says he learned more about faith from Jesse’s interview with Gavin McInnes than in confirmation at his church. | 2) More about Lucas’s life, moving from one “mama” to another. Almost all men hate their mothers and become like women. Lucas has learned from Jesse. | 3) Andrew of State College, PA, talks about the biblical question and “the Devil’s lettuce,” marijuana. Melissa of Springfield, MA, is taking “the devil’s lettuce” for PTSD, and talks about her great husband and corrupt Hillary. Liberal friends became evil to her. Jesse says about her problem, “That’s easy.” He’ll show her how to overcome it. | 4-5) In anger, you don’t have friends. She gets so angry and suffers night terrors. She thinks she loves her mother, but Jesse tells her she hates her.

Aug 6 Hour 3: Stop sounding pitiful! Duck boat victims cousin; Jesse answers Discord questions

Melissa of Springfield, MA, talks more with Jesse about forgiving her mother. Marvin of Sacramento, CA, answers Biblical Question, talks about liberal-infested universities. He says Jesse awakened him; he’s a former firefighter. | 2) Marvin talks about his messed up family situation, his weak & evil father who remarried to a woman who wronged him, and his mother who died of leukemia after a long time. His father is a Bible-quoting Christian. Martin says forgiveness is not easy — but it’s easy if you realize it’s wrong to hate them. He says his family was in the duck boat accident in Missouri (he said Mississippi) — he lost 9 cousins. | 3) He sounds white, but is half-black. Jesse tells him not to sound pitiful, and imitates him. | 4) LOCK YOUR DOOR made The Amazin’ Tar Baby meme of Jesse. He came to Church! Jesse answers FB comment and Discord questions. Michelle of South Dakota asks how to keep her kids from resenting her. | 5) Michelle has not gone to her father yet. She heard Jesse on Gavin McInnes. She was so impatient with her children — tell the husband in front of them and have him correct them. Stay with Silent Prayer

IT’S MEN’S HISTORY MONTH! Call-in: 888-775-3773 Live M-F 6-9a PT (8-11a CT / 9-noon ET) first TWO HOURS ALL WEEK, live on Newsmax TV | Podcast




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Aug 10: NFL Thugs Pushing Evil; Demon Voices in Your & Killers’ Head

Views:11669|Rating:4.47|View Time:2:18:14Minutes|Likes:335|Dislikes:40
Friday, Aug 10 Hour 1: Blacks destroy NFL & don’t care; Trump on Chicago violence; Voice of demon

Jesse and Joel joke around. Blacks destroy everything: neighborhoods & NFL, over illusion of racism and police brutality. | 2) Colin Kaepernick says they’re protesting systemic oppression. Blacks don’t care. Roger Goodell is a beta male. Trump says, “Get that S.O.B. off the field… You’re fired!” Barry of Atlanta, GA, says Jesse lied about SB10 (you’re still on that?). | 3) BOND Entrepreneur Academy: Joel’s Gifted Of Dance, James’s The Hake Report. Barry of Atlanta, GA, still stuck on one thing. Ross of TX is 15, says he can’t express conservative views. Ross laughs at a liberal calling Jesse uneducated. | 4) Trump calls out Chicago violence and leadership: an absolute and total disaster. Laura of TX blames Roger Goodell for NFL situation with Colin Kaepernick, and thinks they should have given him a platform — no! | 5) Same voice that told Nicolas Cruz the Parkland, FL shooter to “burn, kill, destroy” is the voice that tells you to commit suicide, hate your neighbor, make you feel good or bad. Forgive and come out of the darkness.

Aug 10 Hour 2: Black denial of out-of-wedlock births; Tar baby history; Pay attention

Dave of VA says a female teacher gave him a math test that he didn’t need, but she didn’t give the results. Men need to stand up. | 2) Caller Michael of Cary, NC, accuses Jesse of making up the stat that 77% of black babies are born out-of-wedlock to black women who were born here. Instead of answering whether it’s evil, he challenges him on the source like a beta male. Jesse talks to Jay of NYC on telling the truth. | 3) Support BOND 800-411-BOND. Thank you for the help! Jesse talks to Henry of Reno, NV, on the tar baby. Joel plays the clip from the caller who called Jesse “tar baby” the other week. | 4) Henry tells the story of the tar baby. Most people don’t pay attention to what’s really going on with the corrupt government and false leaders like Obama. David of Baton Rouge, LA, talks to Jesse. | 5) More with David of Baton Rouge, then Joel of NJ, who says Jesse helped him.

Aug 10 Hour 3: Evil black athletes; Democrats are about love? How divorce hurts men

Joel of NJ is 21 — talks about NFL players bashing the country, as well as basketball player LeBron James being an icon for evil. Melissa of Springfield, MA, thanks Jesse — she spoke with her mother. | 2) Hector talks about dating and his mother. | 3) Parkland, FL shooter says voices told him to burn, kill, destroy. Michelle of Phoenix, AZ thinks the Democrat Party is about love and trying to help society. | 4) Jesse asks if it’s love to let illegals come in here. Travis gives facts on divorce and custody. | 5) Thank you for Super Chats! Caller Travis says the Confederate soldiers weren’t slave owners, but even if the statues were slave owners, we should keep them up!


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Wed, Oct 17: Children of the Lie; Don’t Help Illegals! Apt Lady Debate

Views:9151|Rating:4.77|View Time:1:58:11Minutes|Likes:352|Dislikes:17
Wed, Oct 17 Hour 1: Beware of Children of the Lie; Trump vs Illegals; Apartment lady wrong?
| 1) T-shirt: Beware of the Children of the Lie – Illegal alien migrant caravan from Honduras.

| 2) Trump tweets on Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, & illegals. Caller says Jesse needs to learn his history, all mad and cussing. Wiggins of West Palm Beach, FL, talks about the white lady blocking the black man in St. Louis apartment building. He asks why was she not wrong? Are black people not allowed privacy rights?

| 3) RSVP for Town Hall on midterms Tues, Oct 23, 7pm

Clip of woman blocking the black man. Wiggins and Jesse discuss.

| 4) Wiggins says the woman got what she deserved, but shouldn’t have lost her job — but maybe she’ll learn her lesson. He calls her an evil woman. Wiggins debates Joel and James.

Trump called Stormy Daniels “Horseface.”

| 5) RINO Paul Ryan and Michael Avenatti attack Trump.

CBS Philly: Police injured breaking up brawl of like 200 students outside a McDonald’s, 14 arrested.

Wed, Oct 17 Hour 2: Should Christians help illegals? Neighbors & racial profiling
| 1) Ryan of Gasport, NY, helping illegal alien migrant workers at her church. She agrees with Jesse on immigration though!

| 2) Christians, overcome emotions. Ryan talks about her relationship with her husband.

| 3) Greg of Wilmington, DE, shares story of his neighborhood association.

| 4-5) Fredrick of Arlington, TX, disagrees with Jesse about the lady “racially profiling” the black man.

Wed, Oct 17 Hour 3: Out-of-wedlock births out-of-control; Entrepreneur Academy; Agoraphobia
| 1) Out-of-wedlock births have gone out-of-control.

| 2) Kenny on being a U.S. citizen. Steven of Vancouver, WA, on South Africa. Another caller says the white woman was pure evil.

| 3) Town Hall on Tues, Oct 23, 7pm at BOND Trevor Wesley made rap song of Jesse on beta males.

| 4) New merch from The Fallen State Leonard of California on witches trying to curse Trump. Ray of Las Vegas, NV, age 21, thinks he has agoraphobia. You are not your thoughts; overcome it by overcoming anger.

| 5) Ray forgave his parents — mother was happy; dad cried. Relax in the thoughts. Call the BOND office 323-782-1980.

Jul 13: Men Fear Wives; Whites Fear White History. Pure in heart?

Views:13055|Rating:4.68|View Time:2:48Minutes|Likes:471|Dislikes:32
STARTS AT 7:38… CUTTING OUT BREAKS (edit in process) … THANK YOU!

Jul 13 Hour 1: Order of God: Man Over Woman; Peter Stzrok Hearing Features Showy Trey Gowdy

Last day for Biblical Question: Matthew 5: 8 says “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” Are you pure in heart? 21-y-o Damon talks about forgiving his mother and father. He bought the slutmaker shirt. | 2) Terrence talks about the order and being a real man. Erica of NC says happy White History Month, talks about Jesse’s speech, her favorite regular callers, and submitting to her husband. | 3-5) James talks about Peter Stzok hearing, and Jesse says he doesn’t know of anything Trey Gowdy has accomplished but act tough. Brandon of Houston talks.

Jul 13 Hour 2: Fear and White History Month; Are you pure in heart? Did you forgive mother?

On White History Month: Many people have fear. But the children of the lie do, say, and show whatever they want. Men afraid of their wives. | 2) Fear is the worst thing you can have. All angry people have fear. Zachary is mixed-race black, and walked away in 2016. He’s considering White History Month. He’s a Christian, and Jesse asks him Biblical Question: Are you pure in heart? He eventually says yes. He says he forgave his father, and his mother. | 3) Go to Church also on YouTube live. More with Zachary who talks about his black father who was on drugs and is unstable, but his phone hangs up! Caller Sandra of AL talks about feminist women wanting to be like men when they think men are rapists. | 4-5) Tom of Springfield, MO, loves Jesse and White History Month. He suggests free abortions for Democrats. Jesse’s always welcome in the Ozarks and his home. Leo of FL talks about blacks and racism; Jesse explains it doesn’t exist. He says he tries not to see color because he feels it’s not important.

Jul 13 Hour 3: Revolutionary War; White History Month: SILLY? Affirmative Action Creates Racism?

Travis presents White History: The American Revolution soldiers who were wounded fighting for our freedom. | 2) Caller likes Jesse. Then Russ of Hampton, VA, thinks White History Month is silly. He won’t admit he’s black, he says he’s “right,” and calling Jesse out. | 3) Support BOND Jesse asks if Russ celebrates Black History Month. Russ asks if Jesse can “prove to me” that racism doesn’t exist. But he’s a son of Satan, so you can’t. Everything is spiritual. They battle more about affirmative action. | 4) The Fallen State trailer with Stacey Dash. Caller says he doesn’t like African Americans. He thinks Jesse resents the children of the lie, but he doesn’t. Caller Tucker of AZ is an atheist fan but disagrees about God existing. | 5) Jesse calls Tucker a beta male because he hasn’t really forgiven his mother, and he can’t handle women — they control him. He chuckles.

GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST FRIDAY! EXPRESS YOURSELF! Call-in: 888-775-3773 Live M-F 6-9a PT (8-11a CT / 9-noon ET) first hour live on Newsmax TV | Podcast

Jesse’s WND article: Time to Bury Affirmative Action



Tue, Dec 4: David Perry; Debates on Sin & Jesus; Illegals! LGBT APU!

Views:8008|Rating:4.76|View Time:1:59:15Minutes|Likes:257|Dislikes:13
Tue, Dec 4 Hour 1: David Perry on liberalism & grief; Callers; Illegal mob trying to cross!
| 1) GUEST: David Perry, historian, journalist, & columnist for Pacific Standard Magazine also on Twitter – He’s a liberal, and Jesse says liberals are beta males and not real men. He has a son with Down Syndrome, and Conservatives don’t help. George Bush died, David’s mother recently passed. Grieving three days and move on with life. Jesse wants men to be men again. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

| 2) Mark of Lexington, KY, believes racism exists, but he isn’t racist. He and Jesse argue about sin.

Canaan of TX on Church: Jesse recommended a man wait a year with no sex before he decides whether to marry the mother of his kid, to get to know the woman. Sex is not love, but clouds the mind.

| 3) BOND: Rebuilding the Man! Joel’s Gifted of Dance Academy. Get past anger: All men & women with anger are children of Satan. There’s no love, it’s easy to believe a lie. Get From Rage to Responsibility.

Sheldonia of Indiana is a black man (not a woman!) who believes Jesus is God. He is not the Father! He’s the Son of God!

| 4) Illegal mob still trying to get into the country. They’re moved to a new shelter due to sickness and unsanitary conditions.

| 5) Kelsey of Lake Charles, LA, loves Jesse.

Tue, Dec 4 Hour 2: Canada wants fewer babies! APU no longer Christian! Atheist fan!
| 1) Jesse quoted in One News Now: Pastor agrees with Ivy League Findings: Liberals talk down to blacks, while conservatives talk normal. James reports: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and PhD student and professors pushing Climate Change stuff to tell whites to have fewer babies.

| 1-2) John of South Korea talks about Biblical Questions: Do good people do bad things? John asks why Jesse focuses on forgiving mothers more than fathers. Do you love yourself?

| 3) Support BOND Check out Jesse’s books.

| 3-4) James’s old school Azusa Pacific University, a one-time Christian college, now drifting to the secular left!

| 4-5) Terrell of Toronto, Canada, is a 21-year-old black atheist who agrees with everything except about God and marriage.

Tue, Dec 4 Hour 3: Frank says Jesus is God, but he sins; Using women for sex is wrong!
| 1) Terrell from last hour got disconnected.

Frank of Illinois says Jesus is God because he figured out Jesus is the Word. He still sins, but tries not to — but it doesn’t work that way!

| 2) James reads some live chat. Trevor song: Racism doesn’t exist — no isms!

| 2-4) Back to Terrell of last hour! Jesse and Travis debate with him. (Support BOND 800-411-BOND.)

| 4-5) Alexis of Philadelphia talks forgiveness, fear, relationships, and marriage. Travis gets confronted!

“You’re Very Whitewashed, Sir!” Mexican-American Hates “White Jesus”!

Views:18985|Rating:4.84|View Time:19:4Minutes|Likes:655|Dislikes:22
(Same Mexican Caller? Part 1) FLASHBACK: “David from New Mexico” asks about anger and being misconstrued as angry by angry people. He is Mexican-American, dual citizen, and thinks there is racism, for example in Mexico dark people hardly ever hold office. Black people are discriminated against in Mexico, but that’s not “racism.” It wouldn’t happen if they had love in their hearts.

Jesse asks him if he believes in God. “David” responds yes but not the white Jesus. Jesse says he hates white people. He says there’s a difference between being angry at them and hating them. But you’re judging them! He repeatedly says, “I had to throw it out there.” He says whites ask why people are retaliating against them. He says it’s eye for eye, tooth for tooth, because of what white ancestors supposedly did.

“David” says Hispanics or Mexicans are being asked to leave a country they were indigenous to, he says they were originally here. He says California, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, all of that belongs to them. He says Mexican Aztecs were indigenous here and California and Texas is their land. Jesse tells him, “You hate white people. You’re an evil man.” He says he’s rebuking. And you’re breaking the law, you support illegals staying here. Those are lies meant to deceive.

He tells Jesse, “You’re very white-washed, sir.” Let them build a wall. He tells Jesse, “You owe me an apology.” He claims “Killer Cortez” killed all his people or something.

Next call from a man we think is the same person: I Don’t Want Them in My Country! Illegals Drinking All the Water!

Originally aired Monday, April 30, Hour 3, and Tuesday, May 1, Hour 2-3.
Apr 30
May 1

NOTE: “David from New Mexico” (Apr 30-May 1) sounds a lot like “Joseph of Albuquerque, NM” (May 18, Hour 3, segments 2-4), and like “Lawrence of Denver, CO (Jul 16, Hour 3, segments 2-3). Was he using fake names & changing them, lying and saying he was a first-time caller?


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Jul 16: Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Senate Vs. Illegal Alien Supporters

Views:11034|Rating:4.60|View Time:2:17Minutes|Likes:409|Dislikes:36
Jul 16 Hour 1: Joe Arpaio runs for US Senate. Joe Jackson unappreciated. Cartel double murder

GUEST: Joe Arpaio, former Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ, running for US Senate | He’s eager to help his “hero” President Trump on the immigration issue, as the lawyers and politicians don’t want to do anything. He was targeted by biased judges, but Trump pardoned him. He hopes to | 2) Joe Jackson died a few weeks ago on June 27, and we hardly heard anything about it! Why no major celebration of him for building the careers of his children! Caller talks about Jesse’s respect for truth, but clarified that race doesn’t matter to him. Jesse tells him not to clarify that. Caller Tee of TN talks to Jesse. | 3) Watch Jesse on Newsmax TV for info. Support BOND More with Tee from TN on Joe Jackson, then also Putin and the attack on Trump. Maxine Waters may end up in a white padded room with a straitjacket. One of Satan’s children Chis of Idaho trolls Jesse. T of Alabama doesn’t celebrate White History Month, and he complains Jesse’s show is lifting up whites and bringing down blacks. | 4) Double Murder related to drug cartels in Madison County, AL — a grandmother and her 13-year-old autistic granddaughter were murdered, the girl decapitated. Kenny of KY complains about his kids being taken in AZ; they’re out to destroy the family. | 5) Secularism has taken over the churches. AJ of Wichita, KS, loves what Jesse’s doing, but dealt with hard discipline with his father like Joe Jackson was rumored to be with Michael. Parents can traumatize the kids if they are too extreme as in the entertainment world.

Jul 16 Hour 2: Right from wrong? Blacks replaced by illegals & Hispanics.

Biblical Question: If you never read the Bible, would you know right from wrong? Jacques of South Africa has a bad phone connection (he comes back in the segment). Drew of TN says he wants illegals for workers on his farm, but the phone connection’s bad too. Evan of LA says Happy White History Month, and answers Biblical Question about the conscience from God. Harry of NC says we’re not raising our families correctly, but he says Trump has a Hitler-type mentality. He voted for Hillary as a Vietnam vet, even though she’s crooked! He supported Obama but didn’t like he was pro-gay. | 2) Jesse has no fear, so forgive. Get From Rage to Responsibility. Blacks are killing whites in the farms and elsewhere — more with Jacques whose grandfather was murdered on his farm, and whites are called racist when they speak up. He’s going to visit L.A. in September. It’s coming to America. Thomas of L.A. is black and can’t believe there’s no more blacks in L.A. | 3-4) Thomas of Los Angeles speaks on immigration and illegal aliens who hurt, kill, and fight with blacks. Many blacks aren’t conscious enough not to support Democrats. He mentions Jesse’s interview with Juan Rojas of Border Angels. | 5) Border Angels were sent by Satan. Bernard of Fort Lauderdale, FL, starts with Jesse.

Jul 16 Hour 3: Liberal women in churches; Mexican against White History Month; Jew blamer!

Caller Bernard of Fort Lauderdale, FL, says he is a black Hispanic and loves what Jesse’s about. His phone is in-and-out. Sacramento Church led by liberal women protest immigration enforcement with caged Nativity scene. | 2) These liberal women are causing problems in the church and country. Truett of Mobile, AL, accepts responsibility for everything in his life, and he likes it like that. Lawrence of Denver, CO, says White History Month doesn’t exist, because the federal government doesn’t recognize it; he says it’s forced on us. He’s Mexican or Hispanic! | 3) Support BOND Lawrence asks if W is to blame, won’t answer if it’s right that illegals come here, and he starts cussing at Jesse, saying that he’s full of S— and Jesse Jackson’s son kicked his A—, so the real Mexican is coming out! | 4) Hardmouse asks about the “Jewish Question,” but Jesse asks him how the white man became so weak and guilt-ridden. Jesse warns him he’ll never be happy blaming others — the Jew is not his problem. | 5) Whoever’s training whites to blame is making a horrible mistake. Clay of TX talks to Jesse.

Call-in: 888-775-3773 Live M-F 6-9a PT (8-11a CT / 9-noon ET) first hour live on Newsmax TV | Podcast

Biblical Question: If you never read the Bible, would you know right from wrong?




Mon, Dec 3: Anna Paulina vs Sex Trafficking; RIP Bush; Paris Riot

Views:9131|Rating:4.63|View Time:1:59:30Minutes|Likes:321|Dislikes:26
Mon, Dec 3 Hour 1: Anna Paulina on human trafficking; RIP George Bush. Blacks believe in God?
| 1) GUEST: Anna Paulina Hispanic conservative activist, model, and US Air Force veteran on human trafficking problem at the border. Democrats don’t care, but Latino voters think they do.

| 2) President George Bush died at 94. May he rest in peace.

Jesse talks to callers. Ryan from Massachusetts is a Bernie Sanders supporter.

| 3) Support BOND Jesse talks about his black engineer not fixing his “cough button” (mute button).

Sarah from TN says there’s a big difference between socialism and communism — communists don’t believe in God. She thinks Obama was a Christian convert because he said he was.

| 4) Jesse speaks on Trump vs. Obama. Michelle Obama says about feminist “lean in” — she says “that s*** doesn’t work sometimes.

Wiggins of West Palm Beach, FL, asks what makes someone a mother.

| 5) Anger is playing God. Get From Rage to Responsibility.

A black lady Ella May of South Carolina asks if Jesse’s saying that single mothers can’t be Christians.

Mon, Dec 3 Hour 2: Self-control vs free will; Paris riots! Racism doesn’t exist: Callers
| 1) Rest in peace, George Bush. Ella May tries to tell Jesse how to communicate his point.

Monty of Riverside, CA, asks how you have self-control if you don’t have free will. He talks about his parents and being a beta male in a prior marriage.

| 2) Real men are nationalist.

Riots in Paris! “Yellow Vest” protesters against a fuel tax hike had weeks of civil unrest.

Jody of NC wore his Jesse Lee Peterson hoodie — ”Uniting the Races with Truth Instead of Dividing them with Lies.” Jesse’s Teespring via

| 3) Support BOND also join our mailing list for newsletters or 800-411-BOND.

Carol of CA talks about the little Mexican-Indian gal (Anna Paulina from first hour) as a breath of fresh air, wanting her people to be more discerning. Beware the free stuff! She talks about women and marriage.

Chuck of Franklin, OH, is a minister and loves Jesse.

| 4) CBS News report on the Paris, France riot.

Ari of PA appreciates Jesse. Most men and women are evil — it has nothing to do with race.

| 5) Ari’s father is not a living example, so don’t listen to him. Christian of Las Vegas asks whether racism is real and asks about Tim Tebow kneeling.

Mon, Dec 3 Hour 3: Black Panther vs Great White Hope; Kareem Hunt fired for fight with woman
| 1) Christian of Las Vegas, NV, keeps cussing and lying. He doesn’t like Jesse calling Trump The Great White Hope, and says Saudi Arabia perpetrated 9/11. Why do you smoke pot? He won’t answer.

Dave of Los Angeles, CA, talks about Church and the Biblical Question.

| 2) Dave tells about forgiving his mother.

Louis of FL talks about a Muslim doctor in Detroit doing FGM – female genital mutilation.

| 3) Support BOND 800-411-BOND.

23-year-old Kareem Hunt cut from Kansas City Chiefs NFL football team after TMZ publishes surveillance footage of a fight with women!

| 4) Scott of San Diego, CA, is a Jewish man who grew up in the South. Donell says his 12-year-old son doesn’t like hanging out with black kids.

| 5) Donell, don’t force your son to hang out with black kids. Lauren of Arkansas says Jesse is a role model for the black community.