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A Region 8 church spent the weekend replacing two stolen signs.

Reverend Terry Riley of The Southern Delta Church of Wicca in Lake City woke up Saturday to a vandalized church.

“I came out here Saturday morning and I noticed there was a watermelon busted in the front yard in front of the church sign,” Riley said. “I cleaned up the watermelon and then about an hour later I noticed our church signs were gone and they had been stolen.”

Riley said the church has seen more people in the neighborhood lately and Riley said it all has to do with Pokémon Go.

“Our church is one of the markers on Pokémon Go so we have been having a lot of traffic and people in the driveway playing the game,” Riley said.

Riley said the players are not stopping to visit at the church, but just playing the game.

“For two weeks, we have a lot of traffic and a lot of people pulling up in the yard, walking in the street and they are playing the Pokémon Go so we have had a lot of traffic, they don’t really stop to visit they just stop and do their little thing,” Riley said.

Police are investigating the vandalism and no direct link has been identified between the Pokémon Go players and the theft.

Riley said he just wants people to respect property, especially a place of worship.

“Just because you don’t understand someone else’s religion or their path doesn’t mean they are that much different than you are,” Riley said.

He also encourages anyone wanting to know more about the church to stop by and visit, even if you are playing a game.

“If you have any questions about our faith or religion, come on over the door is always open,” Riley said.

Riley replaced both signs over the weekend.

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