Pastor Shwanda Reed @ The Mountain of Holiness Church – Savannah, GA

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Pastor Shwanda Reed of Lumber City, Ga walks heavy on THE MOUNTAIN!!!!

The Mountain of Holiness Church- Savannah, GA : Just One of Those Sundays

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Another Sunday at The Mountain of Holiness Church where GOD truly met us in the service…such a wave of Apostolic power that our Overseer and Pastor, Apostle Clarence Gadson,Jr. Couldn’t keep his composure ( as you can see)…What a freedom and inspiration when the Priest of the house is first partaker in praising the most HIGH GOD!!!……This clip is only the beginning of about three house of pure praise and worship…HE Had to touch the Youth in the house..couldn’t even get to The WORD after GOD got through with the House this Sunday….Thank God for a Pastor that is not a slave to routine but obedient to the HOLY GHOST!.. For the Bible declares in 2nd Corinthians 3:17 ” where the Spirit of the Lord is, There is Liberty”…Thank GOD for true Apostolic liberty and not ritualistic limitations……..AMEN…and AMEN