Detroit Is Getting Worse. Even The Churches Get Trashed.

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This city will never recover. It’s now a forum for another self serving politician to claim he can turn this dump around, which of course, is impossible. I rank this project right up there with getting a ride on the Titanic next summer when it’s refloated and sales to Wyandotte.

I’m beginning to think liberalism is a mental illness. The notion these the majority of these animals that live in this dump will ever have anything than a neighborhood more than dope dealers, hookers and slum landlords is a joke. The only success will be from the rich that buy downtown for pennies on the dollar and hope the world isn’t scared to travel to this disaster for reasons even the chamber of commerce can’t come up with.

Take you life in your own hands and drive around this civil war zone. Detroit is like a third world country only with more crime. If you have a terminal disease and can’t get help with assisted suicide go anywhere in Detroit with a wallet or purse that’s easy to see and you’ll be dead by the next day.

Detroit Welcomes New Church Owners

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Here’s a guy and some partners that have purchased a church an an ancillary building in Detroit. Community involvement is planned for the neighborhood. These seem like great guys that are dedicated to bringing Detroit back to be even better than is was ever before.

Alone in St. Anne Church, Detroit, MI.

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Here’s the interior of St. Anne’s Church, Detroit, MI.

All Saints Catholic Community. Detroit, Michigan. Top Notch!

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Another Beautiful Neighborhood Church In Southwest Detroit.

The Vacant St. Agnes Catholic Church. Detroit, Michigan

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I would say this is one of the most interesting abandoned buildings I’ve been in. There’s something about being inside a vacant Catholic church with spray paint on the walls indicating ” rape this way, and dear white people go home.” Just to stand in this building and think about all the good days that are long gone, and for good. Sad? You tell me.