In search of Alabama’s best fried chicken: Jackson’s Fried Chicken

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Who makes Alabama’s best fried chicken?
That’s what we asked the audience. We wanted places that you can find only in Alabama, so we excluded restaurant or grocery chains that extended beyond state lines.
So the audience nominated their favorites, then voted on the best places in five regions of the state.
Now, Lauren Sisler and Ike Morgan are visiting the five regional winners, seeing their towns, meeting people and, of course, eating their fried chicken. Each episode of this series takes them to a different place in Alabama — this one at Jackson’s Fried Chicken in Camden.

Alabama leaders scramble against migrant tent city plan

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A plan to house thousands of detained immigrants in Baldwin County may be hypothetical. Opposition to it is real, and a delegation of county officials will travel to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to make that point.

Dalai Lama visits Sixteenth Street Baptist Church

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BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — The Dalai Lama visits the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church as protesters and supporters chanted outside. Birmingham Mayor William Bell sat with Dalai Lama and they held hands most of the time. (Joe Songer/[email protected]).

Birmingham Pastor’s explosive speech about gay marriageduring city council meeting

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Cedric Hatcher, an outspoken street evangelist and regular at Birmingham City Hall, took to the lectern during the public comment portion of today's meeting to express his disapproval of the marriages that took place just across Linn Park and a

Pastor Mike McClure, Jr. addresses Church of Highlands’ inner-city plans

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Mike McClure, Jr. senior pastor of Rock City Church says: ‘Last thing we need to be arguing over is another church.”

16th Street Baptist Church bombing victim shares thoughts after attacker’s parole is denied

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Sarah Collins Rudolph, victim of the 1963 bombing at 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, shares her thoughts after a parole hearing for bomber Thomas E. Blanton Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2016, in Montgomery, Ala. Blanton was denied parole and will co

The Briarwood Presbyterian Church Police Force Explained

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So there’s been a lot of hand wringing this week over a move by the Alabama Senate to allow Briarwood Presbyterian Church in the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama to create their very own police force. The process and conversation is a bit more nuanced that it seems.

Storm causes major damage to Alabama church

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A suspected tornado caused massive damage to the Rosalie Baptist Church in Jackson County, Alabama. The pastor says he doesn’t know where the congregation will gather this Sunday. At least 3 people were killed in the Rosalie community on Tuesday night when a mobile home was hit by tornado. (Ashley Remkus)

Bombing survivor Sarah Collins Rudolph

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BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — The 16th Street Baptist Church held the 51st Observance of the Church Bombing that killed 4 little girls and ignited the civil rights movement. Survivor Sarah Collins Rudolph talked about that day after the ceremony and how the