World Mission Society Church of God embarks on a clean up campaign

World Mission Society Church of God embarks on a clean up campaign

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Are you keen to get involved in volunteer work this year, well listen up. As the New Year kicks off, the World Mission Society Church of God is not wasting time to get started on doing good work in the community. Sunday, 15th January 2017, marks their first clean-up campaign which starts right here at the University of Johannesburg. They’ve also recently won a prestigious Honorary Award for volunteer work, the Queen Elizabeth II award which was presented to them in England.

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39 thoughts on “World Mission Society Church of God embarks on a clean up campaign”

  1. WOW MOM! Once again the World Mission Society Church Of God Shines the Glory Of Jerusalem Heavenly Mother! Animo, Animo….!

  2. This is true Samaritan acts. Keeping the planet clean is so very important.
    This Church is very diligent in doing the right thing for the world.

  3. Wonderful Church of God, thanks to Elohim God, Father and Mother!!!!!!!!!Wouahhh amazingggggggg, we Love UUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

  4. The clean-up campaign of World Mission Society Church of God is the wonderful activity to clean the world. WMSCOG members are following the Love and Teachings of God the Mother.

  5. Wow!!!! What a amazing church! The love of Father and Mother move even such normal and odinary people to look around with love. I'm so happy to be part of this church!

  6. Truly thanks to God, it's time for Africa, it's time for prophecies to be fulfilled . . . while you are watching. Elohim keeps going forward, we keep following with good deeds. it's 2017, AND WE ARE JUST STARTING [WMSCOG].

  7. WOW!!! even the queens award??? come to think of it I've never heard of a Church doing so much good for the world out of the love.The true God is definitely in the World Mission Society Church of God.

  8. Wow! They are on TV for the good work displaying Elohim God's glory!! So proud of them!!! Thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother and Keep up the good work, WMSCOG. Amen.

  9. It's absolutely amazing how the World Mission Society Church of God puts God's teachings into practice! ! Really wonderful!!!

  10. Amen! We will deliver God's Love to all seven billion people in the world! We will make more efforts to play the role of the salt and light of the world until the glory of God shines brightly! Thanks to Father and mother!

  11. WMSCOG have warm heart for changing the world! Though It is a little thing but can make a big change! Plz join us and save the earth!

  12. WOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!! such AMAZING work that the church of God is carrying out worldwide!! this is the best church to ever exist!

  13. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

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