The 5 Most African-American Friendly Countries

The 5 Most African-American Friendly Countries

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One of the most emailed questions I get to my inbox, is about countries that are African-American friendly. So what exactly does that mean? Watch the video and see!

And while it’s important to realize every African-American will have their own unique experience, I just wanted to highlight the most pleasant experiences I’ve received through my 30 countries of travels (now 65 by the start of 2018).

Remember, it’s okay to disagree and our experiences will vary based on so many things. Being an African-American WOMAN vs. an African-American MAN also renders its own unique account.

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29 thoughts on “The 5 Most African-American Friendly Countries”

  1. Y'all going in on her for not including predominantly black countries… But Isn't that the whole point of the video? I mean like… Use your brains. Countries full of black ppl will… Hmm… I don't know… Be friendly to other black people? I mean DUH… For the most part. The point of the video (obviously) is to show you OTHER countries that is NOT predominantly black that can still be friendly to black people. Blk ppl can go to Africa and the Caribbean and be treated nicely?? Really?? Omg!!!! … DUH!!! It was a nice video based on her experiences so shut up already.

  2. I'm afro-Colombian, I have been in US, England, france for a weekend, Berlin Germany for a weekend, I love England, but as a afro-colombian I love Mexico after spending 10 days there, most of the people really admire black people, I felt really happy coz of that, some people want to take pictures with you. They really admire the skin

  3. France, England, Germany…its interesting that the countries which colonized, slave traded and suppressed the whole world now they are the more friendly to black people…they feel remorse i guess 🙂

  4. If I had been anywhere outside the U.S.A., it would be Windsor, Ontario, CANADA! Why? Because it's just across the Lakes from Detroit MI USA! It had shopping centers and warehouses galore – a reminder of the Tulane University section of New Orleans LA. Some Blacks there were social yet overcurious about living in America. Many more Whites – mostly of French descent – cautiously greeted me and gave proof that their public telephone booths still stood out in public. I can call someone directly WITHOUT THE USE OF AN INTERNATIONAL ACCESS CODE to a public phone account that was manufactured in America! But, ironically, Windsor is populated mostly by ARABS, who lived in SE Detroit MI. Only if they truly hate Americans would they'd be willing to harm us, but they were cordial enough to invite me and 3 others to a World Caribbean Carnival in Detroit. If there were any other Black-friendly World nations I would attend, it would be Great Britain, Thailand, Trinidad-Tobago, and MAYBE the African nation of Kenya! As far as most of Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Latin America is concerned, go ahead and hate on me. . . but make SURE you recognize the innovative creations and idea which were made by US and credited for by YOU!

  5. You can tell sista who travel abroad vibrate at a higher frequency. It's amazing to see Our Divine creator natural Glow shine through our women. This woman can remove the negativity from a nasty situation, look, or thought, and Bless the World in Sunlight through her radiant smile and enlighten eyes! The true mean of MA'AT!

  6. I’m a mixed race French woman and I can tell you France is racist as fuck, can’t wait to get out of here.

  7. What is the point of this video why are black people so desperate to be accepted and black men want genocide on every nationality that aint white thats why they're quick to want mixed babies so they can claim the baby is black

  8. You are a total nut!
    Love your vid! And I totally agree. As a person of color…
    Don't touch my hair unless I give you permission! Lol
    Again great video.

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