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  1. Does any one know how I can find brother Roy. I'm a minister from South ms . Ramsay prine please help me brothers in Christ. The lord spoke to me

  2. A Friend of your Dad's son came to me in TEARS He said His Mom told Him Why don't you be like pastor Roy !!! He replied " God and People can Forgive a  Murder, Drug Dealer an Addict Of Drug's, Alcohol and the LIST goes on & on… But they wouldn't forgive or use a Sex Offender even though God HEALED MY SICK MIND in 1997 and didn't Break The Law since then "  But He still goes to Church & Pray to God and LOVE's Christ Jesus… My Question Is? Doe's God use Someone like this? / I don't  think so and what do I tell HIM? (sorry for judging HIM)

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