Mac Miller – Self Care

Mac Miller - Self Care

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Directed by Christian Weber

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16 thoughts on “Mac Miller – Self Care”

  1. The worst music I’ve ever heard, completely talentless, this generation is going to destroy the world. Cardi b might be the second worst thing I’ve ever heard, you people have no idea what real music is good lord.

  2. Honestly, I am super upset you didn’t receive a well deserved Grammy for this unmatched album. But, the more I think about it, most of the greats, and legends we acknowledge today were never appreciated until years after. Most truly creative artists have never received a Grammy, some never even nominated. Your music is ahead of its time. And still, you have saved, inspired, and changed so many peoples lives. I hope you know that, you, Malcolm McCormick, are one of the greats. Your legacy shall only grow, your prolific ingenious shall live forever. You don’t need an award to prove that. Your fans have long known, Mac Miller, as a legend. You are so loved, you are sorely missed, and your talents are immensely appreciated. Thank you so fucking much, for everything. #MostDope

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