Colorado St Rep Lori Saine Says Blacks & Whites Were Lynched In Equal Numbers For Being Republicans

Colorado St Rep Lori Saine Says Blacks & Whites Were Lynched In Equal Numbers For Being Republicans

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Lori Saine has all of her facts wrong.

Hosted by Phillip Scott

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41 thoughts on “Colorado St Rep Lori Saine Says Blacks & Whites Were Lynched In Equal Numbers For Being Republicans”

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  2. Where's the proof a mouth can say anyting show me some photographs it's plenty of photographs with black man hanging from a tree show me one with a white man hanging I didn't think so

  3. Ah, here too, is a case where Ms Saine, proves herself to be insane, with that ridiculous claim. Yes, whites, browns and yellows, were lynched too, because white ppl are "equal opportunity lynchers". History must speak volumes, it does to me because it's all true. Even the lies are true, "land of the free", must be the biggest lie ever told and it is indeed, a lie.

  4. Anyone interested in knowing the history of why the belief system of Democrats and Republicans switched should research the "Southern Strategy". Simply put, it's "CONSERVATIVE" principals that incorporate the hatred for Blacks and whomever else it's fashionable to hate at the time. Not only that, but Conservative principals have always been the mindset in America for bigotry and oppression. Including The Black Codes, Jim Crow, Convict Leasing,, Segregation, Tighter gun laws, drug laws, Co-Intel-Pro, etc. A Nixon aid was famous for actually admitting that the Southern Strategy and the Drug war were plans and policies designed and implemented to crush Conservative politicians political opponents namely "Blacks and Hippies".

  5. White people try to rewrite history so they don't look bad to the world. and so they won't feel bad or they try to rewrite it so if there white children read about it they can say it happened to equal amount of white people also. But still white people still go look bad because the only people that was doing the lynching of black and white people at that time, was still only white people. So no matter which way they try to spin it they still look like the devil.

  6. White people rewriting of history is pretty much over because everybody got a smart phone a computer in your pocket ,so if it's anything you might want to learn about true black history and the real evil devilish things in true white history it's on the web .and they have documentaries on YouTube of all the evil white people been doing from the beginning of time.

  7. That's not how u celebrate Dr kings day..talkn bout hanging ppl..fcks wrong wit white ppl
    Poppn off left an right..
    Its always bout us..They love us..but I got sumthn for u who try..stay tuned

  8. Jesus was not white and they didn't speak english in Judea. The one being depicted all over the US in pictures and paintings is a false Christ.

  9. This woman's straight up lying, totally way off on what she's talking about, the white folk back then knew how many people were lynched, but really didn't care as long as to them, it's legal to do it. Once again these white folk use Dr. King day to use their deception & lies to the people, they need to be prepared for BLACKlash, they can't stand it at all to be called out for it……..

  10. These people have proved to LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING, so I don't even believe they were lynched and definitely not on our behalf after this MADD COW disease….forgive me, but I'm so sick of these wicked selfish and disrespectful vultures! So you are just gonna tell US what happened to US?! ..just keep RETWISTing YOUR story to try and accommodate HIS-STORY !This is from that
    whole '' Blacks weren't the only Slaves so why are they complaining?'', Playbook.
    Thought we were endentured servents not slaves…so the employers hung the employee- endentured servants? makes no sense..In College I had to take Humanities, and it was BEYOND difficult to sit through all of those lies! White students all puffed up and proud from their weekly dosage of whited out STOLEN black art and history…what's worse I had to do essay's about these likely rapists of my own, and hated looking at all them! And LITERALY 15 minutes was spent on black histor LITERALLY! Of course, ""we were slaves,'' end of story!
    This is why I wanted mine to attend HBCU'S.
    Again, because of THIS LIE, I no longer believe they were hung for standing up for all!

  11. Yeah, she tried it..I think during those days where our people were lynchrf and treated unjustly, most whites were doing just what they are doing today …. NOTHING! How Dare this heifer insult my ancestors suffering and to try and even steal THAT from them!

  12. I love the pure hatred, of the more pale members of the African population. All human life came from Africa, we are all black under our skin pigment. Research it, please do. And by the way, God does not teach hate, maybe you should research, that as well. You know all of us, came from three people and all three, were from Africa. Maybe more love and less pure hatred.

  13. I could not ever finish this video to the end. Why are they always using anything that is about us for their benefit. Its shameful that she is so bold to use our pain and suffering to forward her agenda. Straight shady.

  14. The most important things are that we all can learns from the past to makes the FUTURE much more better for us as the peoples in general ESPECIALLY of all the colors, the races, nationalities AND OTHERS.

  15. I am not trying to compare the peoples ESPECIALLY by the race, color, nationality AND OTHERS and I am not saying this because I am a black man/person as well as an african american man/person but the black peoples are more lynch than any other kind of group of the peoples.

  16. In terms solely of lynchings for the alleged "crime" of being Republican, not all lynchings in general, there could be a grain of truth to her statement. But I wouldn't trust the accuracy of any kind of "official" archive even if this one fact really were "true" because so much has so frequently been skewed to hide the actual facts and figures of the day that none of it can ever really be trusted.

  17. We need to get in front of this and call for prosecution for Slavery Deniers, just as Holocaust Deniers do. These racists are so ashamed of slavery, they just want it to go away … and they want us to stop talking about it. Yeah, she can shelve this convo, bc black men are STILL being lynched in America! What they do between themselves is their own business.

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