Brianna Lopez “Baby Brianna” [GRAPHIC]

Brianna Lopez "Baby Brianna" [GRAPHIC]

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28 thoughts on “Brianna Lopez “Baby Brianna” [GRAPHIC]”

  1. I have a son and I would give my life to protect him, I wish someone could have protected her. The evil in this world needs to stop!!!

  2. Family puts a cage around her as if she’s an animal when they’re the real animals! Rest peacefully in God’s arms, little one. Those 3 sickos deserve an eternity in HELL for this. They deserve the exact abuse inflicted on her while they’re still alive.

  3. The mother , father and uncle should of got the death penalty for this horrible crime but they had to let this bitch out! There will be no justice for baby Brianna RIP baby girl ! We need to help these kids and babies and stop letting these child killers out

  4. This is so heartbreaking. How could you do such horrible things to this young child. I wish there were no people like this in the world. This is a HORRIBLE thing to do. And WHY? This child did nothing.

  5. My heart is breaking how could anyone hurt a baby let alone their own baby. I hope these people get treated the same way they treated that baby. I'm going to hold and love my babies a little tighter tonight.

  6. i hope they all get ten fold the abuse on them that they put on poor baby brianna its disgusting and they should burn in hell for eternity..

  7. sick fuckers they should have gave them death for killing and raping a poor helpless baby her day will come someone will jump her ass and give her what she deserve bitch if u read this HOPE U ROT IN HELL U SICK ASS BITCH

  8. The Judge needs to be locked up! Then I’ll bet the Judge would take these kind of crimes more seriously when they sentence them.

  9. They should have gotten the death penalty…all 3 of them. They are nothing short of pure evil to have done this, especially to a completely helpless and defenseless infant. As a mother and now a grandmother, my heart is simply in pieces over this tragedy. They dont deserve to live.

  10. I want to murder the cunts who did this to her!!! I fucking hate undeserving humans who breed kids only to abuse them! RIP babygirl!

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