#39 metal detecting a 1870’s church!!! Equinox 600

#39 metal detecting a 1870's church!!! Equinox 600

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This time i find 100 year old silver and copper coins at a 1870’s church, i hope you enjoyed!

Metal detector: minelab equinox 600

Camera: samsung galaxy A5

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13 thoughts on “#39 metal detecting a 1870’s church!!! Equinox 600”

  1. Great little hunt kiddo..nice bit of coin shooting…well done on the silvers.. You can't beat a bit of silver to cheer you up….
    Take care

  2. Another great hunt and finds Flynn. The shilling is in awesome condition. Cheers for sharing, Happy hunting Alicia

  3. Hey Flynn you sure smashed it buddy… but if you get a full house before me ill break your detector LOL. … thanks for sharing mate GL &HH jim

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