Lincoln Nebraska proposed LGBT protection ordinance: Best In Show!

Lincoln Nebraska proposed LGBT protection ordinance: Best In Show!

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The speaker is not a member of the Nebraska Family Council..

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(The video has been ripped off and uploaded without credit by YouTube user cacamaymie.)

37 thoughts on “Lincoln Nebraska proposed LGBT protection ordinance: Best In Show!”

  1. I live in the same town as this lady and she is deeply schizophrenic. She places tape crosses on every corner in downtown. She writes insane incoherent papers. I read many of them today and couldn’t help but laughing. They are insane, just as she is. It’s quite comical.

  2. Apparently this lady is actually just a local schizophrenic the city council occasionally puts up with but doesn't actually listen to. After all, she is convinced that Wipeout involves people actually dying every time they fail.

  3. This video doesn't show it but after her speech, she was put in a Hannibal Lecter cart and taken back to the happy hotel as her one day pass had just expired.

  4. The article that is linked in the description tells us that this woman is schizophrenic and deluded. That's why this is so ridiculous, she is medically insane.

  5. I watch this video every now and then and still get a kick out of it.
    My favorite part is at 4:20 where she says that kids in SF are raping each other hetero without being told not to X'D

  6. The woman was funny but she did make some good points as well.
    The guy in the back was funny to watch but it got annoying with him mocking practically everything she said.

  7. Let's see. She mentions Winter Wipeout, Romans, gays, San Francisco, Jesus, AIDS, Hilary Clinton, Holland, Nijinsky, Whitney Houston, Candida Fungus, treason, Dean Acheson, Rohypnol, and college dorms.

    Remember, you have to choose.

    Really. lol

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