Backseat DJs: What’s Controlling Your Joy? | Flip The Flow | Pastor Steven Furtick

Backseat DJs: What's Controlling Your Joy? | Flip The Flow | Pastor Steven Furtick

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Where your joy comes from will determine when it runs out.

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28 thoughts on “Backseat DJs: What’s Controlling Your Joy? | Flip The Flow | Pastor Steven Furtick”

  1. Comment Below: Are you most likely to look behind (dwell on the past), look ahead (worry about the future), or look around (compare yourself to others)?

  2. Thank you pastor Steven furtick again it reminds me that my joy should be dependent not on what it was and what it will be.. Not on The circumstances and what people say about me.. my joy should abide in the Vine.. In Jesus Christ! Thank you pastor Steven God bless you and your family..

  3. James was only speaking to the 12 tribes that was scattered abroad and if you are not one of those tribes it is not for you.

  4. My priority is convinience and indeed when things dont go conviniently as planned I have severe anxiety…thank you Pastor Steve for shedding light on how the Joy of the Lord is on priority…Now I know that Jesus Christ should always be my priority and because He is everlasting therefore my Joy is everlasting…powerful…thank you…your serving the Lord means a lot to me

  5. This is an amazing sermon! Don't let God steal your joy guys!!! Because he is kind and will always provide the provisions you need! But God is the centre of your joy and will guide your heart with optimism and with so much understanding!! He's a God that encourages and will continue to revelate the hearts of his children for the Kingdom of God! Praying for every generation of the world!

  6. I don't appreciate Pastor Steve saying it's so much more to share but don't share it (LOL). I understand why but now I'm thinking what else and how can I get a hold of it. But on the other hand my brain can only hold so much at a time and this one's got me really thinking. Maybe more, right now, will be overload. It for my good, I guess, (LOL). Thanks for the messages.

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