Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska

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Exciting things are happening in our city. Big things. Our spirit has a renewed sense of energy and there’s enthusiasm in our collective voice. You can feel it in the streets, see it on the skyline, hear it in the ideas of our young entrepreneurs and creative class.

26 thoughts on “Lincoln, Nebraska”

  1. Thinking of moving up to that section of the midwest somewhere. Too many northeasterners moving down south now. Getting too crowded and corrupt down here.

  2. I LOVE YOUR VIDEO!!! IT ROCKED!! My fiance, my son, and I moved here from VA @ 1 year ago and we absolutely LOVE IT!!! There are some things we can't get our hands on…like "Meeting new friends" — Maybe you all could assist??
    ~ Holley BTW – What software did you use to make the video? I am in internet marketing, social media and always looking for new software to make videos with; it is 1 of my fave things to do.

  3. Did a little research and found that Lincoln has a population of about 260,000 and an unemployment rate of 3.3% last May. It may be a sleepy little city but for a labor situation that good, I wouldn't be complaining.

  4. What I find funny about the negative comments is that if you don't like it why even go to the effort to say so…move. I have lived a lot of different places and lincoln overall is the nicest place I have ever lived.

  5. I was raised in Lincoln and went to UN-L. I was back recently for a high school reunion and enjoyed Embassy Suites, Haymarket restaurants, the quilt museum, seeing the Capitol, the Sunken Gardens, Children's Zoo, Wilderness Ridge Lodge, the Lincoln Country Club, etc. Sheldon Art Gallery, Morrill Hall, and the Lied Center are other structures that promote culture and art in Lincoln. It gives me a good feeling to return and see what remains unchanged and what is new and exciting.

  6. I was born and raised in lincoln for 18 years. Now I'm in california; being a marine. Lincoln raised me pretty well. I miss that place.

  7. I'm so proud to call Lincoln my hometown! I think it is vastly underrated and loved growing up there and going to school there too! I hope to live there again someday – I miss it!!! 🙂

  8. lived in lincoln for 4 years, and for the record i found it fairly progressive for its location/all things considered. i don't believe it's reached that level of 'hipness' of say madison, wi or ann arbor, mi, or a few of its other college-town peers, but it seems the seeds have been/are being sown (fittingly enough).

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