“You’ll never get nowhere smokin’ the pipe!”

"You'll never get nowhere smokin' the pipe!"

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James Salton of Prayer House of Deliverance
Local Memphis Commercial for Up From the World on WLMT UPN 30.
This commercial played for years and was famous among locals.

“Get dope out your vein
and hope in your brain.
You’ll never get nowhere
smokin’ the pipe.
You wanna get your lesson out
and wanna be smart in school?
Get rid of the drugs.
Get away from the in crowd.
Get’a close to God.”

28 thoughts on ““You’ll never get nowhere smokin’ the pipe!””

  1. That was real preaching. I remember a boy was mocking this commercial saying you'll never get nowhere smoking the pipe, the this girl said well yo mammy aint getting nowhere. Lol… We were little.

  2. Somehow I'm thinking this started out airing on WMC5 in the 80's. Could be wrong though my childhood was a long time ago haha. Still remember ever word though of it. Funny how some things burn into your memory.

  3. I've been trying to find this commercial for a long time , and didn't know who the Pastor was that spread this message. I'm so blessed to be one of the young children that was able to hear this message in the 90's. I have never forgotten it. It stuck with me throughout my life. Thank God for this man {Pastor James Salton} for spreading this message to God's people. Now I can show my children this message. Thank you for sharing….

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