Winston Salem First Worship 9/23/12 *HD 1080p*

Winston Salem First Worship 9/23/12 *HD 1080p*

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0:00 Glorious
4:48 Your Love Never Fails
11:28 Be My Everything
16:40 Fill Me Up

4 thoughts on “Winston Salem First Worship 9/23/12 *HD 1080p*”

  1. Thanks, man! I really appreciate that a ton. And welcome to Bridges! I'm sure you'll love it. Yeah, I really just play at the church. Feel free to come on up and say "hey" after any service! 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you, my friend!

  2. Dude you are sick! Do you play locally? I am getting ready to go to college at Bridges there, and Im on the look out to get some musician contacts.

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