42 thoughts on “Willie Nelson – Mendocino County Line ft. Lee Ann Womack”

  1. I just found out that my ex boyfriend passed away, even though our relationship didn’t work out, I thought of him often, can’t stop crying since we’d always dance to this song. My heart is broken. He was only 22. I’ll miss you forever David, I’ll be dancing with you in my dreams.

  2. We only have one Willie Nelson, a multi decade hero of country, for a bit longer. Love him and give respects now, not after hes gone. Thank you Lee Ann for a classic.

  3. Wow how time flies right on by hard to believe its been that long!!! This is a great song by two great country artist!!! WISH WE HAD MORE REAL COUNTRY SONGS LIKE THIS TODAY!!!

  4. Willie, remember Mudd Buggs in. La. I went to give you the red rose and the security guard stop me. And you didn't like him doing that. I hollered ur name. My boring date complain of upset stomach. I should have told him to leave me there. I always wanted to meet you. And that's how my luck is. I hope you come to Houma, La . I'd love to see you my LEGEND.

  5. Loved this song back when it came out. Haven't heard it in years but it popped into my head today and I had to look it up. Just a gorgeous as I remember.

  6. I remember seeing this at a young age on CMT when it first came out. I wept at the realization that I had my whole life ahead of me and didn't know what to do and Willie was looking back at his life in a similar way. I was too young to know why it hit me so hard but I remember I knew I was watching a piece of history being made with this video. God bless the young and free

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