6 thoughts on “Solid Rock True Holiness Church of the Apostolic Faith, Apostle David L. Dupree”

  1. Thanks for funding my health insurance and my most recent surgical treatment. When You can help me out e variables= Times zones and day. Live on great man of God.

  2. Not to mention he knows how to rock anything with keys on it. I watched him make a Casio sound like a performance keyboard and when he started playing the Roland jv90. OMG truly anointed. Do I even need to talk about the Hammond?

  3. they. It is the spirit of Satan that blocks the unity of brotherly love and fellowship among musicians in the church not being filled with the holy ghost to know the move of the spirit that causes an overflow in a service of this type. My forty years or more at the Hammond Organ afforded me the privilege to fellowship with this great ministry and it's founder this the kind of church my mother Evangelist Carolyn Gordon Of Winston-Salem NC trained and raised me in I love you Apostle and u2 Roger.

  4. Well, well, well, Just like old times when Solid rock was on assignment in Boston,Ma You this is how the apostolic,pentecostal holiness churches started way back when and there is nothing fake about this church I know them personally, and I see my friend Bishop Roger Hamlet yelling in the mike he was so kind and unselfish letting me play the Hammond organ and keyboards because some musicians will hog the organ and won't move nor will they greet you when you are able to play one note more than

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