One of my favorite preachers…Dr. W.M. Norwood

One of my favorite preachers...Dr. W.M. Norwood

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Dr. W.M. Norwood, Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama

Preaching at The Kerygma Conference 2008
Antioch Baptist Church, Birmingham
Host Pastor, Dr. Q. E. Hammonds

9 thoughts on “One of my favorite preachers…Dr. W.M. Norwood”

  1. Watch the DEACON on the left of the screen with the FAN in his hand. God knows the Spirit was in him, he had to fan the spirit off him and then he grabs his on body to hold
    it down. Whewwwww~ it was to much for him…..Hallulujah!!!!!

  2. O.M.G. This is my pastor when I lived in Birmingham, AL. He still preaches and reaches the people the same as he did when I was 7. Macedonia Baptist Church, Ensley, AL. I would love to see some clips from our church…can someone post!

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