27 thoughts on “LeAndria Johnson – Lord, Do It.AVI”

  1. This just shows us that God isn't like man! When this woman was in the mist of all her mess God looked beyond her faults and
    Saw her need. If it was up to man she would have been stripped of anointing, and the ability to sing the praises of God.
    Man judges the outward appearance but God looks at the ❤️. So when it looks like a person is going left, just pray because you never know what that person is saying to God behind closed doors…. more than that you don't know how they feel in their hearts.

  2. I so agree. After all that annointing he comes begging the congregation as if the singer is a peasant. He should have known better. As if the pastor wanted to deminish her gifted annointing that had just blessed his church.

  3. I was thinking the same thing. I remember when most of the congregation would be upset if someone was following the anointing with a camera…I mean there's nothing wrong with filming, but following someone whose pouring their heart out to the holy spirit.,. it's just tacky!

  4. When people collect through a church there are accounting responsibilities relative to taxes etc.For a small church or for it to be a donation given the way you would a birthday gift, sometimes it's done that way. Remember he said he felt led by the Spirit so let's respect the man of God please. This seems to be her church family so I don't think she let pride get in the way by feeling embarrassed…

  5. THANK YOU!!! You can say THAT again. If I could give you a 100 thumbs up, I would.

    I'm tired of hearing all that stuff… she sounds like HER (though she reminds me of a young aretha.. and shirley caesar..lol!)

  6. Bless you, I am a single mother of four and I listen to you every morning on mu way going to work. The annointing that God has given you comes from pain, and Perseverance! I can relate to you in so many ways. I feel breakthrough!!! My favorite by far is "Endow Me Mic Toss" Continue to be bless… You are raw and uncut and mos def un Hollywood Gospel!!

  7. We are all equal in Gods eyes Case Scenario when your in a airplane and you look don't you can't tell one building from another (you can't tell which one is higher or lower but for the airplane they look the same in Gods eyes we look the same we just work in different areas dorinda has a different anointing than leandria and that is fine because they both are anointed

  8. Most gracious, Father GOD in heaven, there is a vessel down in this world YOU have set here to spread YOUR message, gospel, and power. Please protect her from all hurt, harm, danger, and severe disease. Wherever she feels broken down…build her up….in YOUR time, in YOUR NAME, amen.

  9. Can somebodies help me send up Prayer's for this Young Woman? As often as you think of her just say a little prayer! It's hard enough to work out your own salvation in your local church, but to have it on display I can only imagine what that's like!

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