GOP Tax Bill: The Great American Heist

GOP Tax Bill: The Great American Heist

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The ‘Insane and opaque’ Tax bill had no hearings, no independent experts, only lobbyists informed this bill. It will blow up the deficit and gut social programs, explains economist and white collar criminologist, Bill Black

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31 thoughts on “GOP Tax Bill: The Great American Heist”

  1. hey –the peeps got a tax cut ——-time to raise oil and gasoline prices —-and holy cow grocery shortages cause higher prices at the checkouts —-your tax cut funds higher corporate profits

  2. The left is absolutely insane. I feel sorry for anybody that takes this guy seriously, the entire commentary is a gross misrepresentation of the house & senate versions of the tax bill combined with fantastical conclusions worthy of a massive tin foil hat.

  3. Thanks for having Mr. Black explain what's happening with this tax bill. I was hoping he would have explained how the bill will affect the housing market, maybe you can have him critique the final version. It seems pretty clear that the Koch network is in control of the Government. This bill should destroy the country which seems to be the Koch's mission, probably to avenge how the Oil Majors treated their father. When Trump got elected I told people the country would crash and burn within a year of his presidency and it appears he's right on schedule. This latest blunder with Israel seems straight from the Koch network via Sheldon A. pressure. I can't believe people are just laying down and letting this happen. Wildfire's in California in December, what's up with that.

  4. Don't you think its to late to complain now. You didn't come out to vote why are you mad.. You let the devil 1st born in the house he told you he was a snake lol . Your at fault democrats. Or are you one in the same pretending to be different parties.. I believe the later..

  5. The GOP Tax plan has nothing to do with reform but everything to do with Voo-doo economic 2.2 as its the most regressive tax policies then the Ancien Regime or the Roaring Twenties. what a dark farce this all is. With that and the sweeping cuts to essential programs will Trump's base turn on him or because the Democrats are the pathetic opposition party they are, Trump will win easily in 2020?

  6. A bill of such magnitude shouldn't be passed with a slight majority but with an overwhelmingly 3/4 of all voters. I would also say that this bill really should be voted by the people of the US,as well as other large ideas, like attacking a country that didn't attack us first. But then, that would be a democracy and not a plutocracy/oligarchy.

  7. Why are these type of videos are not Loading For me.. this is CRAZY I Can’t watch these videos on YouTube. Are people have a problem too..

  8. the 1% ers have been using the republican party to fleece america for years—-since trickle down reagan era —-but the peasants keep voting for more fleecing

  9. Great time to take your money out of the stock market and the big banks and invest in yourselves. Agricultural land might be good. Or a van, to live in.

  10. Do they really need to hope their scams will fool people (ie republican voter base)? Just tell them it's going to hurt poor people,minorities,and immigrants,and they'll cheerlead it no matter the cost.

  11. Why is this guy laughing? This is about as far from funny as I can imagine….this is devastating for almost everyone in this country. I fear for the future of this country and this guy is going to laugh.

  12. How much more abuse are the American people going to take before they burn down capital hill? We need a whole new government and a new society where there are no rich and no poor. We have the technology to make almost every job unmanned. It's time to make this whole primitive money barter system obsolete.

  13. Republicans work for the 1% not the 99%. Say what you will about the corporate Democrats but at least most of them didn't vote for this horrendous bill.

  14. The entire Russian investigation was just a ploy to distract us from this Tax Sodomy that the Rpublicans, and by complicity, the corporate Democrats, are perpetrating against American Workers. This legislation will become law, and with that done workers will then be slaves.

  15. The job market is going to grow. More people working paying taxes. But there are a lot of dead beats that prefer to live off the state…..that is their prerogative, they can live under a bridge.

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