15 Unsettling Facts About The Denver International Airport Conspiracy

15 Unsettling Facts About The Denver International Airport Conspiracy

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Hundreds of conspiracy theories have attempted to explain the true backstories of some of history’s most monumental events. From the JFK assassination to the 1969 moon landing, it’s as if people believe there’s always more to the story.

Built in 1995, the Denver International Airport has not been immune from its share of conspiracy theories. From rumors of a secret society to incredibly strange artwork lining the walls, even the most skeptical people think something odd is going on behind closed doors there.

Just take a look at these unsettling facts surrounding the infamous Denver International Airport Conspiracy and decide for yourself…

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39 thoughts on “15 Unsettling Facts About The Denver International Airport Conspiracy”

  1. low key the airport paid an edgy muralist and they couldn't afford to replace it because of the incredible debt from the building

  2. I landed at DIA on Dec 4, 2018 (southwest). While riding the tram to collect my luggage, I noticed that a portion of the underground tunnel wall on the left had the grim reaper staff or scythe projecting out of the wall. It was black and was projected in an up and down hacking motion for several yards as you ride thru the tunnel. Since them, I have been trying to find images of this. I have viewed YouTube tunnel videos trying to capture what I witnessed. I am not finding this anywhere. My first thought was, "Halloween decorations" but I quickly recalled it was Dec 4th! Please help.

  3. As someone who has flown in and out of DIA many times, let me be the next one to have a nice and big LOL at this video.

  4. It’s a entrance to the underground fall back facility that is under pikes peak mountains for a extinction level event from the sun. Tickets not for sale, well probably only affordable to the 1%

  5. Don't overlook the fact the airport was built in the middle of nowhere, things that make you think hhummmmm…..

  6. Idk.. I think if it was a doomsday bunker then theres way better locations than that…but something is for sure weird..thats it im finding out..ill be right back!

  7. It’s all a conspiracy theory. The abandoned rooms or tunnels they talk about were for the automated baggage system which failed and never used it again.

  8. thanks. I will never fly to that airport, creepy as hell .. & the nwo conspiracy theory, well thats an actuall reality. they just don't call it that but is there

  9. No no no, don't bring the Mayans into your mess. The Mayan calendar cycles very differently than the conventional Gregorian calendar. The Mayans never claimed the earth would end in 2012. It was the US media that could not get enough about the Mayan prediction.

  10. I worked at Denver airport. There is an underground bunker city in case nuclear war breaks. Bunch of tunnels and rooms. It can't be haunted cuz it's only 20 years old. It was funded by a group who is a secret society.

  11. when someone makes a claim about something and constantly backs it up with sources like "many people claim" "theirs been rumors of" "some people believe" you can bet those "some people" are probaly just the author of the video. weasel words, thats what terms like "there has been murmurs of a morgue" are. i have flown thru that airport, noticed nothing unusual or creapy. name drop some sources next time, which specific employees of the airport gave you this information?

  12. The information in this video is so bizarre it's on the verge of pure insanity. Take for example a seemingly simple mining cart with Au Ag (gold, silver). The publisher claims it's "a nod to the airport's largest donors … an anonymous person who found a new strain of Heptatitis … the strain was allegedly called Australia Antigen". For one, Australia Antigen IS NOT a strain of Hepatitis, it is, as the name implies, an ANTIGEN that is found on the surface of Hepatitis virus, which helps detect it during testing. For two, even if what was said was true, the abbreviation for Australia Antigen is HBsAg. I'm not even going to argue the rest of the facts presented in the video, as only a mentally ill person would believe such nonsense.

  13. I drove through Denver once. I was underwhelmed — it looked like a flat, dirty prairie town to me. The Rocky Mountains are west of the city, but all the PR photos try to make it look like Denver is up in the mountains and everything is very picturesque — I assure you it is not — you'll have to keep driving to Vail for that experience.

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