ZION- Lisa Knowles & The Brown Singers

ZION- Lisa Knowles & The Brown Singers

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Lisa knowles & the brown singers singing Zion,
Columbus, Ga
Words of wisdom, Bishop Barbara shepherd pastor

23 thoughts on “ZION- Lisa Knowles & The Brown Singers”

  1. Anointed Anointed Anointed their demons Killer they stare the kingdom of darkness down Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

  2. Lisa my daughter said that she knows you can drop rope very well because of your shout on watch God do it….that was so cute to me. ..

  3. I hear u Hasan @ 2:44! Thats my fav part. Cierra (spell check on her name) was giggin! She was gettin it the whole song but @ 2:40, she got on down!

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