Today is Monday in Louisiana by Johnette Downing

Today is Monday in Louisiana by Johnette Downing

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Today is Monday in Louisiana is a song and book written by Johnette Downing and Illustrated by Deborah Ousley Kadair. The video of the song and book were created by a Louisiana teacher named Lisa Wainwright of Western Heights Elementary.

22 thoughts on “Today is Monday in Louisiana by Johnette Downing”

  1. Miss JohnnetteI remember you from this year at Lexington elementary can you please come back to Lexington this year I'm in second grade please please please your friend Harley

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  3. Love your stuff so much. Thanks for sharing! I'm just starting to post my ideas for early childhood teachers, librarians, parents, etc. Little Ditties Music Academy. Hope to post more in the future and see more from you as well!

  4. really good twist on an classic children's song. kids in louisiana will remember these days because we actually follow that food schedule …

  5. I cannot forget this song 🙂
    I hope you don't mind me using this song for my lesson. I was an attendee in your forum in Philippine Normal University 🙂

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