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  1. Hoy 22 de noviembre del 2018 día de acción de gracias .buscando buscando ala tele encontre esta hermosa película desde el inicio. Desde k el morrito le dio chicles al caballo

  2. Oh, thank you. That was gorgeous. The horse is a magnificent animal. I read where this young boy Kelly Reno grew up with horses and so could ride bareback from an early age – it's so natural for him in these scenes.

  3. Thank you Victor, I so love this clip! Makes me smile. 🙂 After all these years my heart is still touched by the beauty of this scene. Gracias, mi amigo!

  4. Bellísima, tierna y entretenida película como pocas. Hay que hacer vibrar el alma humana con este tipo de largometraje
    y botar al zafacón todas las que contribuyan a hacernos gastar dinero como la onda nueva de muñequitos animados con voces de artistas. Detener el flujo de monstruosos fenómenos ajustados al celuloide y lo que causan son pesadillas.
    Nos quieren influir con peliculas que no tiene ningún sentido real.

  5. This was an amazing movie…I saw it when it was released in 1979.  The cinematography and musical score were first rate and the interaction between Kelly Reno and Cass Ole was magical.  I have this movie on DVD and still enjoy watching it after all these years.Thanks so much for sharing this video clip!

  6. I love this part of the movie. I own Cass Ole's very last descendant! My horse is Cass Ole's grandson. His name is The Great Cass Ole's Beau but he goes by the name Beau for short. I will post videos of him soon. The videos I have now of him are from when he was really younger. He's a very friendly and smart horse just like Cass Ole. His story is in the Horse & Rider Magazine in the January 2012 issue. Just Google Meghan Dixon from Horse & Rider Magazine and the article should pop up about his story and how I got him! He is the very last horse left of Cass Ole!

  7. I saw this film when I was 11 years old and never has a movie made a bigger impression on me than this one. I've always thought this film was somewhat underrated. And part of the reason I believe is that it was marketed as a children's film which I think hurt it. Obviously, It's a children's film but if it would have been marketed more as an artistic film, I believe it would have done a little better. Even though it is critically acclaimed, it still doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Regardless, this film has finally been recognized by the Criterion Collection which really is a big honor. Perhaps it will finally get the recognition it really deserves.

  8. don Victor buenas noches podria darme el nombre de este actor o darme el link para ver la pelicula completa?


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