Temples & Brothels Promotional Reel

Temples & Brothels Promotional Reel

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On the fringes, the outskirts of America, in some of the most rural, and final frontiers of the Wild West, sexuality has been forced into a quiet exile. The stigma around prostitution limits women’s autonomy, and perpetuates shame and guilt around sex. Brothels are currently illegal in the United States, except in rural Nevada. Prostitution outside these licensed brothels is illegal in the United States. From the legitimate sex workers industry to the fundamental religious zealots and sexual outcasts. Excommunicated Mormon polygamists have been forced to live in the quiet border towns of Utah and Arizona.

What is of this unchartered sexual frontier? Society vilifies men and objectifies women in the prostitution business, yet it is the oldest profession in the world. Mormon polygamy began with Joseph Smith, Jr who received a revelation on July 17, 1831 that “plural marriage” should be practiced by Mormon men who were specifically commanded to do so. Prop 8 was passed in California to ban same sex marriage in 2008 by the Mormon church.
What is going on in the Southwest may surprise you.
-Temples & Brothels

Featured Music by Alt-J entitled “Bloodflood”

Moushumi Ghose, MA MFT, creator/producer/director who provides psychotherapy and sex therapy for couples and individuals for the greater Los Angeles area, takes us on a journey to the wild west of sex and religion. Chris Knitter of Overlooked Productions from Kansas City shoots along side Mou through her journey in Southwestern USA. Also including Dennis Hof, Cami Parker, Zainy Pirbhai, Brian and Tessa Kessler, Damon Holzum, Justin Schroeder, Darla Rea Schemp, Peyton Rivers, Dr. Suzy Block, Katarina Fabic, Scarlotte, Angel, Peaches aka Daisy Mae, Vanessa London, Bella Cream…and more…

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