Satan’s Hollow – The Tunnel To Hell

Satan's Hollow - The Tunnel To Hell

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Join the team as they investigate Satan’s Hollow in Cincinatti, Ohio. Satan’s Hollow is an old tunnel underground the streets of Blue Ash. Legend has it that satan worshipers congregate there and sacrifice animals and even humans. There are stories of a demonic creature dubbed “the shadow man” and even satan himself lurking these tunnels.

Trivia: David cut the investigation short due to the high levels of bad energy and the scary words the Ghost Box was speaking. He also stated, “this is one of the scariest locations I have ever investigated”. The team has investigated over 150 locations.

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33 thoughts on “Satan’s Hollow – The Tunnel To Hell”

  1. Dear Viewers,

    We are aware we mispelled the town name and also incorrectly stated where we were in the video. We filmed this while traveling through three states and filming at four separate locations. This was our last stop and we were exhausted.

    Just wanted to give everyone a little insight on how that happened. Much love! Thanks for watching.


  2. if you go to abandoned place. look at the grafiti if there's lot of 666 and pentagons it's quite haunted and if there's just random shit it's not really haunted.

  3. When we used to go urban exploring, I was always more terrified of actual humans than ghosts. Gotta carry a taser with you or something.

  4. I have seen the shadow man, I see him in my sleep, one night I went to sleep and I woke up at 3am and my spirit came out of my body and I watched myself sleep, I ran out of my house and I saw the shadow man about 15 feet from me, I started running back to me house and I jumped back in my body waking up in shock……I don’t sleep anymore I literally cant and idk what to do :/

  5. The eerie music in the background just makes it more creepy, keep yourself protected at all times when you go on these dangerous adventures.

  6. The Shadow Man? Oh he is one of the main Charcters in Call of Duty Zombies, everyone thought he was a bad guy, but ever since Blood Of The Dead people are saying he is a good guy.

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